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Addis Ababa: Part Seven

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Addis Ababa: Part Four

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Addis Ababa: Part Three

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Addis Ababa: Part Two

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Ethiopian Patient Gets Free Care

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Join Us for Gondar, Ethiopia Outreach!

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Behind the Outreach Videos

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Want to Reach the World for Yeshua?

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Blanketed with Love

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The Acts 8 Ethiopian Jew

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He Came to Save Them from Their Sins

1,272 Visualizzazioni

Highway to Addis

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Sara's Vision of Yeshua

1,182 Visualizzazioni

Healed and Happy

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Hearing Is Believing for Ethiopian Girl

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Ministering God's Love to Ethiopian Jews

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The 'Happy House' Song

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We Are His Hands and Feet

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Welcome to Mizoram, India!

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Paginadi 1
1 - 28 di 28 video