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Best Camping Sites in Dorset

Aug 19, 2019

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If you happen to visit Dorset or Hampshire and are a huge camping enthusiast, then you’re lucky as there are a lot of great camping sites in these beautiful towns, with their calming fields and breathtaking views. So, if you’re visiting this county in the southwest of England, make sure to camp in one of these areas:


Eweleaze Farm

Enjoy the Jurassic coastline on this farm and bring your walking boots as this is not only an amazing camping site but a wonderful spot for hiking too. What’s more is that the park offers other services such as paddling, sandcastling, snorkeling, and swimming on its private beach. This makes the park one of England’s loveliest spots for camping with family and friends.



This exceptional site has a lot of unexplored locations, making it an exciting spot for those who are adventurous. Its location is one of the reasons why campers gather here. While there are areas that have been cleared to make pitching tents easier, most of the woodland areas are left untouched, so you’re surely going to experience a natural vibe.


Downshay Farm

Downshay Farm offers a lot of services, and this includes offering a steam locomotive ride to Norden, stopping to their famous camping grounds. Because the area is not flat, most of the camping sites are located on top of the hills, allowing the campers to have a great view of the Dorset countryside.


Hook Farm

  1. If you want a huge camping ground that offers privacy, then this is the best camping site that you can visit in the south. Here, you can view the sunrise or sunset on top of their magnificent hills. Plus, if you want solitude, they have enough room for you to set up your tent.   


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