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10 Scraps for your students a comprehensive education

Jun 05, 2019

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1. Intention is the real power behind desire.

INTENT: The intention is allowing full awareness of the moment, fully aware of this. It looks to the future with the intention, while the focus is on the present moment.


2. Success comes when people act together; failure tends to occur alone.

SUCCESS: Success would become in the words of continued growth happiness. Because success is what transforms desires into reality. But you must understand that success is not only material but also spiritual and keeping in mind the company of people who have helped you succeed.


3. The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. Happiness is the goal of all other goals.

HAPPINESS: Insists on the idea that we have the right and duty of being happy. For this it is necessary among other things learn to listen to your body, have good self-esteem and fully live in the present.


4. What I hate most in others is what most deny in yourself.

SELF: It can and should learn hate. But no use having hatred if you are not able to know the underlying cause of this hatred in you. Hence it is so important to develop self-awareness of oneself. For gives more importance to self-hatred that hatred towards the other. We must learn to be tolerant of what you are and what you think, because changing what you think is how you’ll be able to do away with hatred toward you and others.


5. Our isolation, a major source of pain, ends when we offer help to others.

GENEROSITY: Based relationships between people in a relationship focused on giving and receiving, that is, every relationship is a relationship centered on generosity. And even more important, to give, you should not feel you’re missing something because, if you think well, what you give is exempt from positive energy.


6. The best way to dispel the influence they can exercise your unconscious fears it brought them to light.

FEAR: Fear paralyzes and as such it does because it is hidden within you and crouching. What is at issue is knowing verbalize that fear, that is, do you leave your inner through the word. You know what the best way to overcome fear just fully living the present. Who lives in this longer fear what will happen in the future.


7. The need for approval, the need to control things and having external power is based on fear.

Need for approval: Emphasizes the importance of giving up the need for approval, that is, only you are the true judge of yourself and little or no matter what other people think of you. What is achieved by overcoming the need for approval? Freedom. If you want to know more about how to overcome the need for approval, I refer to the following link .


8. The power of peace is precisely that it is not material.

Culture of Peace and Nonviolence: With regard to peace, propose a seven performances for the seven days of the week: be in peace, think peace, feel peace, speak in favor of peace, act in favor of peace, create peace and sharing peace (Sunday through Saturday).

9. Life gives you plenty of time to do what you want if you stay in the present moment.

Mindfulness: This is possibly the quotation has more liked me again made me think. Because it focuses on one aspect that Western culture is difficult to meet: live in the present, forgetting the future. For what counts is the present because it is only time that you live. Hence the importance of not living in the present, but to live a quality present and fully conscious.


10. All of us are able to go beyond our material attachments.

Detachment: In a materialistic society it is not easy to talk about detachment from the material, that is, the value they acquire the objects around you. In this sense does not want give up the intention to create your desire, but what is it to leave your attachment to the outcome. If you succeed, it will be when you have everything you want.


11 (secret). 

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