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Hailey  Lewis

Hailey Lewis|United States

Hailey Lewis is in this technical field since a decade. She is writing the various technical blogs on different technical errors or glitches Website:-https://contactforhelp.com/gmail-customer-support/

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How to Set the Priority of an Email Message in Outlook

Aug 02, 2019

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Setting up the importance level for an email message indicates that the message requires the quick attention of recipients or can be read later. The message that has an importance-level setting comes with an exclamation point or arrow beside it. Additionally, you can use a sensitivity setting, yet this is an optional for the recipients on how to treat the message contents.

If you are delivering an email message that wants a quick attention, it is advisable to set the priority for the message, enabling the recipient to get it in a timely manner. However, if you don’t know how to set the message priority, this is best to take the suggestion from expert by dialing the Outlook support phone number.

In case, you are a tech-savvy user, then the following guide must help you to send a high priority email message as soon as possible.


  1. Launch your Microsoft Outlook account.
  2. Type the email address of the recipient, subject line, and message body. Ensure the ‘Message’ tab is active.
  3. In the new tab ‘Tags’ section, hit on the ‘High Importance’, if this is the highest priority message. Yet, you can also set a ‘Low Priority’ for a message.
  4. You can also assign the priority to a message by Clicking on the ‘Message Options’ button of the dialog box in the new tab.
  5. Once the ‘Properties’ dialog box appears. Go to the ‘Settings’ sections and choose an option from the ‘Importance’ drop-down list for setting the importance.
  6. In the ‘settings’ section, you can also choose the ‘Sensitivity’. When you have completed your selections hit the ‘Close’ option.
  7. Messages that are received with high priority will be marked with a red exclamation point, whereas the messages received with low priority will have a blue down arrow.

Sending messages with marks make the process quite easier to find email messages based on the importance or priority. You can also hit on the ‘!’ to arrange your messages as per priority. Still, if you may experience any of the problems, it is suggested to contact with the Outlook email support specialist by ringing on the Microsoft customer care number to get instant solution.

Source:- https://www.instantcustomerhelp.com/microsoft-outlook/se t-priority-email-message-outlook/