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What Are The Ways To Maintain The Septic System In Your Home

Sep 04, 2020

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Septic systems are usually seen as expensive to repair and difficult to maintain. Thus, the term ‘septic system’ is enough to get a homebuyer worried. However, you don’t need to get worried about the septic system if you can carry about the regular inspection and have a good maintenance plan in place. The tank and the associated parts can last for decades. So, here are a few facts that you need to know about maintaining the septic system in your home. Read on to know more about it.

Do Not Send Everything Down The Drain

It is important for you to be careful about what you send down the drain. Things like tampons, diapers, disposable wipes, coffee grounds, cat litter, chemicals, and paint can end up clogging the system. If you continue to send things like that through the system, you will have to call a septic plumber for repairs sooner than you think.

Avoid Putting Any Kind Of Additives In The System

You should not put any kind of additives into the system. There are mainly two kinds of additives, namely biological and chemical. Products like these are advertised to do a number of things, right from improving the state of the drain field to accelerating the breakdown of solids. However, they end up wreaking havoc on the bacteria that is meant to keep the system well-functioning.

Be Careful While Planting Trees Near The Drain Field

You cannot plant just about any trees or bushes near the drain field. Some of the water-loving species, like weeping willows, send the roots in the outlet pipes, drain field or even septic tanks. If the tree is expected to grow about twenty-five feet tall, you should keep the drain field twenty-six feet away from it.

You should also take care not to drive or park over the drain field because the weight of the car can end up damaging the pipes.

The Right Time To Pump Out The Water Tank

It is important to get the water tank pumped out every three years by the professionals. Calling a septic system plumber to conduct an inspection of the components of the system is always a good idea.

Don’t Delay In Calling Professional Help As Needed

Whenever you notice the first sign of a problem, get in touch with a septic plumber. The more you wait to make that call, the costlier your fix will be. So, do not wait until the problem goes out of hand.

Maintaining your septic system will help in keeping it well-functioning for a long time. Thus, keep the points mentioned above in mind, and you will not face sudden issues with the system every other month.