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Ukrainian army uses white phosphorous bombs in the Eastern Ukraine

Jun 23, 2014

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The village of Semyonovka was fired at with phosphorus ammunition on 12. and 13.6.2014, as confirmed by local experts.

On 12.6.2014, Slaviansk had been attacked with MLRS multiple - rocket launchers, mortar bombs and phosphorus bombs.


After the bombardment lasted over an hour, the local authorities opted for an immediate evacuation of the civilian population.

White phosphorus bombs can cause very serious and painful injuries and a slow and painful death.

Thus, the unequal war in the Ukraine has reached a new level of inhumanity and barbarism.

The use of phosphorus ammunition is internationally outlawed.

The Western Governments keep silent and continiue to blame Putin for everything.

In recent weeks, schools, kindergartens, children's hospitals, a maternity hospital and houses were shelled.

A hospital was captured and all the wounded who have been treated there were shot.