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Christians don´t repeat the tragedy of 1938 !!!

Jun 07, 2014

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Please pray for Ukraine!


I am really frustrated. We´ve always been talking about, how could people let something happen like the 3. Reich of Hitler where Jews and eventually also Christians where put into concentration camps, where terrible things happened..... We have the possibility to visit such former camps here in Europe and we did, entire school classes go there and everybody wonders how people then could let this happen.

Now - when Nazis are marching again in Ukraine - we close our eyes. Media do not report on it or play it down - our governments support them and use them, for they hope to gain advantage if Ukraine can be pulled to the EU - they support thus cruel violence and war crimes, which they pretend to condemn in other countries....

And what frustrates me the most: Christians again join in the game. They don´t want to hear the truth. They justify war crimes - maybe becouse they too believe the goal, to push Ukraine to the EU makes violence against civilians necessary and acceptable (as US Secretary of State declared 2000 dead as acceptable for Ukraine or Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European council said: "The destruction of the people in the South East is a constitutional right of Kiev.").

Do we again think we are like God who decide on life and death of others?


But the bible tells us the truth of GOD: "And why not do evil that good may come?—as some people slanderously charge us with saying. Their condemnation is just." (Romans 3,8)


There is one lesson, we should have learned from history: If Christians connect to the inhumane fascist spirit, or watch it`s inhuman actions without standing up against it, possibly because they believe thus to cause something they consider to be "good" they must also be aware that this spirit when it is strong enough will align against them. This applies to the Ukraine as well as for Europe.


Even in this community I am not allowed to post a video about the background of the Ukrainian "Reight Sector". We want to live in our illusions and don´t want to know the truht until we are forced to face it - and it is possibly too late.


Brothers and Sisters, please let´s not repeat the fault of 1938 ff-

let´s not watch heartlessly the suffering of the people in eastern Ukraine!


Please pray for Ukraine and don´t support the cruel war of Kiev against their own people but take stance against it!

Thank you and God bless you!