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First Time Gambling Online Casino Guide

May 23, 2018

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Beginning anything new can be difficult and confusing since one doesn’t always immediately grasp what one is actually doing. This is particularly true with regards to gambling in online casinos due to the vast number of various games and rules. Moreover, you are aware that bets are different in terms of their potential returns. In that some are simply better than others. In order to aid your first steps in the area, we have compiled several easy casino bets to get you started without encountering any troubles.

European roulette may be a good place to get started as every possible bet amounts to the same pay-out rate of ca. 97.3%. Bets on red, black, odd or even will pay out at a 1:1 ratio, making them a good choice to start with. For those seeking a bit more action, bets on single numbers pay out at a ratio of 35:1. However, the chances to win are lower. Mind you, there are many more available bets than those we have just outlined above.

Alternatively, you can start with playing Baccarat. Note that with regards to Baccarat, the banker bet wins a bit more than the bet of a player. However, the banker bet also pays at 0.95:1 but 1:1 for the player. The pay-out rate for both lies at over 98%, making them very attractive to new players. It is important to remark that you shouldn’t make any other bets in this game such as “tie” or “pair” bets. These bets come with very high house advantages of around 15%, yet, with extremely low pay-outs of around only 85%.

If casino poker is what you’re after, begin with three card poker with its easy strategy where you will always raise in the case of Q64-high or better. In case these terms are unfamiliar, you definitely should learn and read up on three card poker hands prior to beginning to play. With this said, three card poker is an ideal starter for people with an affinity for poker games, not least since it is super easy to learn playing this game well. All in all, we have recommended three sets of bets which will do a great job at getting you started.