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AnTheo Vulnerable Children Organisation|Uganda

Hope every one has a blessed week!

La mia preghiera

Please pray for my Organsation so that God uses me to fullfill his will with these negelected and abandoned children in the remote parts of Uganda.

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Annunci della comunità

MISSION OBJECTIVE AND ACTIVITIES OF ATVCO ( AnTheo Vulnerable Children Organisaion)


  • Deliver support and care services to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s).
  • To improve on the education support, health, clothing and food of OVC’s and their carer /giver.


  • To establish, promote and organize the formation of an education center for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To support and sponsor orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) and people of vulnerability.
  • To engage in income generating activities mainly Agriculture as a means of raising Income in affected and infected families.
  • To promote primary health care services among the community.
  • To encourage savings and credit in the community.
  • To create awareness of HIV/AIDS in the community.
  • To create awareness on environment conservation.
  • To create awareness of clean water and sanitation.


  • Building and developing an education center with facilities to accommodate orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.
  • Supporting OVC with education by paying part of school fees, buying scholastic materials and uniforms.
  • Coordinate support or assistance to families that have lost their relatives.
  • Senistize communities on environment conservation, primary health care through music, dance and drama.
  • Training communities on clean water and sanitation.
  • Training communities on the importance of education.


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My prayers that your organization is working well, and flourishing, Praise God sister in Christ.


Sister in Christ, I will be praying for you and asking for God to lift you up and give you strength to do all the wonderful things that he knows is needed in your country. He is so very happy with you, continued prayers from me, and May God Bless You, Sister Raeshell

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