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Michael Louis


i am ashlin, aspiring for priesthood in my 10th year "friendship is an ornamentation to our life and not a richness to posses and a holy friendship is equal to communicating to god"

La mia preghiera

god give me the grace to accept the life as it is and live in today

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Nice to meet you! Sure , God bless you and care ! Jesus Christus the best frend, mather and father and guide and master - for ever !! trust Him !............

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ashlinvincent ha lasciato un coomento al video Above All -- Kaitlyn Maher -- 5yo

May god bless her. wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Sky

Hello Michael welcome to cross.tv, it is a wonderful group of family-friendly online Christian community for sharing our experiences of lord, encouraging each other and many more. I am very much glad to meet you! Hope to hear from you too some words... Many blessings…

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Thanks for inviting me! Great to expand that community! Karo

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