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Ralph Chambers

ToPray|United States

Retired Sales elderly man who's concern of family, friends and country tend to PRAY-ers Journals.

La mia preghiera

With A Friend like You, “OUR” Father, who needs an enemy? We have no friend like Jesus, He's a friend beyond compare. We meet Him here at Your Throne of mercy where He waits for us |Continua

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WE APOLOGIZE Oct 05, 2014

Forgive us Lord. We are just human enough to know it is not working and we need You to forgive us for even trying to “do it” our-self. We cannot afford to lose. We who are broke and broken ask You for a touch of Heaven to “BE” “Hallowed” enough to “BE” in Your presence. You have named us for Your One and only “BE”loved Son, “Christ-Ones” who are not perfect except in you, forgiven. We live in a realm of “BE”living You are able to deliver us. Your Word is enough to trust. Guardrails for the Saintly. No halos here! We get “OUR” wings when we can fly away to You. We owe You a debt of love and gratitude for grace to put us in place. You “DO” desire us to “BE” with You. Can we bring others along with us too? Show us how to lead us out of this valley of the shadow of death. Deliver us from the evil one. The power in the shadow of the Cross for which we need to apologize for glorying in its shade forever, made right-in-us. There is no disappointment in Jesus! We meet Him at His Throne of mercy!