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Healing to the Nations - pbm|United Kingdom

Moving forward looking for opportunities to grow the Kingdom through faith - total well-being for mankind one step at a time

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Lord we pray for your wisdom for the future, how we plan think and act, as we proceed we look to You for guidance and wisdom. We pray and ask those who read this to pray for the work that |Continua

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Aug 01, 2016

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Jesus came into this world to reconcile man to God to restore man to a right relationship with The Father our creator

Everywhere He went on this earth in the around three short years of His earthly ministry which was in a very defined area and to by and large a very defined group of people His entire work and teaching was to lift people up to change their lives around, in every situation He ministered love grace and wholeness to the people

His whole life was dedicated to The Fathers heart beat as He said if you have seen Me you have seen The Father

His words to us are do likewise go into all the world were ever your world is and preach the good news to the poor set the captives free feed the hungry and clothe the naked – we need to do this in every area of our lives at all times in all the different ways that we live our life out

We do no need to be sent to distant lands although we could be we do not have to preach to thousands we just have to do what is required of us at the place we are at.