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Healing to the Nations - pbm|United Kingdom

Moving forward looking for opportunities to grow the Kingdom through faith - total well-being for mankind one step at a time

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Lord we pray for your wisdom for the future, how we plan think and act, as we proceed we look to You for guidance and wisdom. We pray and ask those who read this to pray for the work that |Continua

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The Way

Nov 04, 2016

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I am The Way were words spoken by Jesus He is the way the truth and the life - the light of the world no one comes to the Father except through Jesus

We are called as were the first disciples to follow the way which is the direct teaching of Christ first and foremost which is to go into all the world and preach the good news - lay hands on the sick and see them recover - feed the hungry and clothe the naked - it does not matter who you are the pastor of 10 000 a rocket scientist or a plumber unblocking drains this is our first calling to service, we are to be an example of Jesus to the world that they may see the blessing and hope we have in the truth of the scripture

The scriptures tell us that some are called to be apostles prophets evangelists pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints  for the work of the ministry which mean's that we who follow the way are to do the work of the ministry far too many people see the work of the ministry as something that only a select few can do and sadly many pastors portray this as a truth to elevate themselves

As we move forward into our service the calling God puts on our lives is forever and can not be taken back this is a separate service to our basic calling for the edification of the body of Christ