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Healing to the Nations - pbm|United Kingdom

Moving forward looking for opportunities to grow the Kingdom through faith - total well-being for mankind one step at a time

La mia preghiera

Lord we pray for your wisdom for the future, how we plan think and act, as we proceed we look to You for guidance and wisdom. We pray and ask those who read this to pray for the work that |Continua

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Feb 13, 2018


Live as if there is no tomorrow   ???????????????   What would you do if you knew that life stopped tomorrow
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Nov 04, 2016

The Way

I am The Way were words spoken by Jesus He is the way the truth and the life - the light of the world no one comes to the Father except through Jesus We are called as were the first disciples to follow the way which is the direct teaching of Christ first |Continua
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Aug 01, 2016

Do it now

Jesus came into this world to reconcile man to God to restore man to a right relationship with The Father our creator Everywhere He went on this earth in the around three short years of His earthly ministry which was in a very defined area and to by and |Continua
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Jul 29, 2016

The rambling thoughts of a prophetic spirit

As we move along in 2016 with more and more disturbing news now is the time to take stock of your faith - now more than ever the big question sits in front of every person I know lots of people who are worried fearful and disturbed by what is happening |Continua
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Sep 29, 2014


Ever since I arrived in England I have been amazed at the constant barrage of very emotional posters and adverts on TV and in the train carriages all geared to tugg at your heart strings, how many children will die today the number varies between the |Continua
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Sep 29, 2014

Our ministry

Hi I greet you all in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I have been off the internet for some while now seeking new direction and wisdom for my future, it is so easy to get bogged down with life’s stresses and trying to do too much being spread out to |Continua
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Sep 01, 2014

The Eagle

A wise teaching I got years ago from a man that I really respected was this ;; You can never fly with the eagles if you eat with the turkeys, a very very very true statement this weekend someone in a church we were in shared on the eagle and this came to |Continua
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Feb 23, 2014


Proverbs 1 English Standard Version (ESV) The Beginning of Knowledge 1 The proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel: 2 To know wisdom and instruction,    to understand words of insight,3 to receive |Continua
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Jan 25, 2014


Prayer what is it? Many ask this question and struggle with the answer because there are so many voices shouting out answers or dismissing prayer as irrelevant to all in this hi-tech modern fast moving world, within the church many are seeking to find an |Continua
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Jan 24, 2014


  This etext  is in the public domain. Reformatted by Katie  Stewart "GOD'S great plan for the redemption of mankind is  as much  bound up to prayer for its prosperity and success as when the decree  creating the movement |Continua
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