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Эдуард Сурнин

Edvard Surnin|Russian Federation


La mia preghiera

Lord Jesus Christ! Those are mad, who begins war. Only you can stop them! Give to them to see you in force and glory and to understand that they nothing insignificant before you! Only you |Continua

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Edvard Surnin joined the prayer A sinner's prayer of vava

Edvard Surnin ha lasciato un mesaggio sul cross.wall di david71

Edvard Surnin ha aggiunto nel blog la voce

Edvard Surnin

I'll try to make page more interesting! Edward

Edvard Surnin ha lasciato un coomento al blogentry AMEN AND AMEN

I'm praying for you. Your friend Edward! es01@nextmail.ru

Edvard Surnin joined the prayer pray, we pray of david71

Edvard Surnin joined the prayer pray, we pray of david71

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