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My dear father alpha and omega my and whole universe creator, Lord i again thanks to you that you give us your only Son our SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. Now i ask you with authority as a your son |Continua

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Welcome to our Church: We invite you to come and fellowship with us. We hope you and your family will have a warm and spirit-filled experience with us as we worship and fellowship together. SACI is a Church a non- denominational multi-cultural Church here we Equip, Educate, Build for the Advancement of God's Kingdom. Anything God wants to do in the earth He use people (Amos 3:7) Indeed the Lord God never does anything until He reveals His plans to His servants the prophet.  Our desire is help you grow spiritually and mentally developing the mind of Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:5) Let this mind be in which was also in Christ Jesus. Our attitude should be that as of Christ.

Is This You:

1). I want to learn and grow.

2). I want to understand who I'am in relationship with God.

3). What is my purpose here on earth and how can I accomplish it. 

4). My heart desires is God.

5). How can I become a Citizen of the Kingdom of God.

6). I want to know what my gift is and serve as a Kingdom representative.

7). I want my WORSHIP to be a lifestyle.

If this is you we welcome you we welcome you with open arms and the love of God. Come be a part of SACI family let's advance the Kingdom of God together.

 Shalom Aradhanalya Church India is presently involved in:                                     

  • Teaching programmes
  • Church planting( In whole India )
  • Healing Ministry (Organize the Healing Meetings, Conventions, Crusades)  
  • Worship The GOD (Prepare the worship leaders filled with Spirit)
  • Missions and Evangelism(to all over country)
  • Women’s and children's Welfare projects(Education and Health Projects, orphanage)
  • Social development projects( Educate and awareness programs like Global Warming)


You can contact the following for details.

 Rev. Raman Gola: +919718880808 

For 24 Hours Prayer request: +919717372869

For correspondence:< /a>,< span style="color: #0000ff;">,

For Prayer Request:< /span>

Our Core Values

 #1 Faith     We are committed to Faith in Jesus Christ as expressed in the Bible  

#2 Prayer     We are committed to continual Prayers, small house prayer cells, House Churches, Whole night prayers meetings    

#3 Worship     We are committed to faithfully offering our worship before God prepare the leaders for worship   

#4 Biblical Teaching     We are committed to relevant Biblical teaching that transforms lives to become in light of WORD OF GOD

 #5 Small Groups     We are committed to becoming fully devoted followers of Christ through the community of small groups, prayer cells

 #6 Outreach     We are committed to bringing people to personal faith in Christ at any cost   

#7 Giftedness     We are committed to utilizing the giftedness of all believers, men and women, who are called by God like prayer warriors , healers, worshipers, leaders  

#8 Change     We are committed, in an ever changing culture, to effectively present the unchanging Gospel

 #9 Excellence     We are committed to excellence in everything God calls us to do and whatever we can do best unto the LORD ALMIGHTY  

     Worship as Celebration,      Walking in Community,       Working to Bring People to Christ


THE EKKLESIA The English word " Church " in the Bible comes from the Greek word " ekklesia " which means " called out ". The Bible is very specific that the New Testament Church is LITERALLY the " Body of …


Christian Growth After Becoming a Christian Many loose soon shine and Become Their stagnate lost islands to Themselves.  For this reason it is vitally important Christians continue to grow and thrive in …


Understanding that the Church means an assembly of (those called out) who are the Body of Christ, clarifies so many biblical teachings such as " how we are saved, how we are born again, how we are a new creation in Christ, how our sins are forgiven and nailed to the cross, how we are sanctified and justified in him, how we have healing in his body, how we have eternal life, how we are heirs with Christ, sonship of God, how the Holy Spirit lives in us, and how we truly assemble together in unity " by knowing the GREAT HIDDEN MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH. WHY IS this so it so important? This TRUTH of the MYSTERY of the CHURCH is so important, because whoever is “ in ” the person of Christ (the Church) , God sees them and treats them in the same manner which He sees and treats Christ! The reality of the Church is the reality of ATONEMENT ( being at one with GOD ). This means a joining to GOD - through JESUS! IT is all about the true AT - ONE - MENT with GOD. Being ONE with GOD, for all of the glory and righteousness attributed to JESUS will also be given to his BODY, for how could GOD separate JESUS. We are IN Jesus; Jesus is IN us; WE are ONE with GOD!


To all my friends & contacts on cross .tv. Jesus loves you & so do I.

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THE EKKLESIA The English word " Church " in the Bible comes from the Greek word " ekklesia " which means " called out ". The Bible is very specific that the New Testament Church is LITERALLY the " Body of Christ ". As shocking as it is the concept of Church is | Continua

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