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Profetische Evangelisatie|Netherlands

Meer informatie: www.voordewind.eu

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LATEN WIJ BIDDEN De Bijbel zegt:” Laten wij (jij en ik!) daarom met vrijmoedigheid toegaan (door genade mogen wij in de wonderbare Naam van Jezus Christus tot de Levende God komen!) |Continua

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Let us pray Messages Prophetic Evangelism Radio meditation BOOK 

Evangelist Sieberen Voordewind Presents:
Prophetic Evangelism©

Beloved reader. Despite the fact that there are many books with the subject “evangelism” and many mediums are used to proclaim the Gospel, in proportion to the world population not much is accomplished. Yes, still many millions of people don’t know who Jesus Christ is. This has to change! Something has to be done. The Bible says:” And He said unto them, go ye into the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). In order to spread the Gospel at least two things are required. First the Christian needs the power and salvation of the Holy Ghost (Acts1:8/1John 2:20), to spread the gospel of Gods love and grace with power (Romans15:18-21). Second the anointed Christian needs the right method to reach sinners. In this book Prphetic Evangelism) Evangelist Sieberen Voordewind introduce in his home country of the Netherlands and the rest of the world: Prophetic Evangelism © and Prophetic Evangelism Network ©. Read this book and be richly blessed by the message given to me through the Holy spirit of the living God. Yes, you too can take part in Prophetic Evangelism under the mighty anointing of Gods spirit. You too can come into action and fulfil Gods assignment. READ THE BOOK:

Prophetic Evangelism
ISBN: 97890-8570-255-9
Dr. Sieberen Voordewind
Translated from Dutch to English by: Mrs. Jola Genge
Publishing by: Boekenbent

This book prophetic_evangelism_omslag.jpgdescribes how anyone can proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit using the words that Gods Spirit will guide at the time and place that He will designate. Biblically responsible- Explosive growth of congregation/fellowship - Faith building-Freedom in Evangelism - Interdenominational - International - Own initiatives - Personal Prophetic Evangelism - Personal responsibility - Personal training - Interaction with people - Creative possibilities - Legal - no financial gain - Practical orientation - Organizational possibilities - Explosive Evangelism - Recognition - Determine own hours - Spiritual leadership - not time consuming - Assistance - Not seasonally bound - Choice to work in partnership - Does not demand diploma’s - Freedom to work and stop working - time for study AND MORE!
FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDER: info@boekenbent.com

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Jij hebt JEZUS nodig

RADIOMEDITATIE: Jij hebt Jezus nodig Radiomeditatie door: Evangelist Sieberen Voordewind Geliefde luisteraar. Er is Eén Die je beste Vriend wil zijn. Er is Eén Die heel veel van jou houdt. Er is Eén Die je tranen wil | Continua

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