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валентина кравченко


всегда радуйтесь. постоянно пребывайте в молитве. за все благодарите.

La mia preghiera

Отец небесный! Милость Твоя безгранична, Любовь Твоя безусловна, Слава Твоя из века в век, из рода в род. |Continua

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Kingdom of God message Aug 07, 2015 2 Commenti

Father God, open new gates to preach the Kingdom of God which may come soon on Earth. Father may this video may help many to hear and learn about the Kingdom of God in Jesus' name we pray (I request you to watch this Cross.tv and Youtube video and please do share with many christian friends) http://www.cross.tv/137260 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws0yGXl3BSc

Thank you Jesus for restitution Jan 19, 2015 1 Commenta

Leviticus 5- In guilt offering, a person is to make restitution for whatever he did wrong in regard to the holy thing; moreover, he is to add to that one-fifth and give it to the cohen (priest). Then the cohen(priest) will make atonement with the ram of the guilt offering, and he will be forgiven. For humans it is impossible to restitute to the LORD about the sins which they done against to the Holy thing. But Jesus paid the price for us including the one fifth for the guilt offering by His precious blood, not by the blood of any ram. ‘Jesus did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but he entered the Most Holy Place once for all by his own blood, thus obtaining eternal redemption.’ (Hebrews 9:12). Thank you Jesus. Father open our eyes that we may see.

In Jesus' name Dec 18, 2014 2 Commenti

Jesus is the giver of living water and LORD of times and seasons..in Leviticus, people those who are in unclean state need to purify themselves. In almost cases they need to wait for 7 days and need to wash in the running water. Also they need to approach the Cohen (priest) for making atonement. ( Leviticus 13,14,15). In Mark 1:41 , we see the incident where Jesus is healing a person with tzara'at ( a skin disease). A man afflicted with tzara'at came to Yeshua and begged him on his knees, "if you are willing, you can make me clean". Moved with pity, Yeshua reached out his hand, touched him and said to him, " I am willing ! Be cleansed!". instantly the tzara'at left him and he was cleansed. ( Luke 1:40-43). How awesome it is. 7 days of purification is completed with Jesus' one touch. If so we can believe that in Jesus, being born again by His Spirit, we will have perfect timing because He is the LORD of times. He gives the living water who cleanses our sins. He is the perfect high priest who intercedes for us by sitting at the right hand of the Father. Glory to Father in the Highest and His Kingdom, in Jesus' name we pray...

Birthday prayer Nov 23, 2014 3 Commenti

Thank you Father for one more year~~~~ Guide me till we meet in Glory~ ~~~in Jesus' name we pray ~~~One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.(Psalm 27:4)

True love Nov 03, 2014 2 Commenti

If we truly love our Father God, we will keep his name Holy through our life style.....Father, may your name be sanctified through our lives .....through your name , your Kingdom be Glorified in our lives......in Jesus precious name we pray.... Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory (Isaiah 6)

Fathers priority is our priority Oct 28, 2014 1 Commenta

Father, We know that your first priority is your Holy Kingdom. For inviting us to your Kingdom you sacrificed your own son. Jesus gave a huge price for your Kingdom.Father, open our eyes to see the seriousness about your Kingdom.....may our first priority become your Kingdom.May we Glorify your Kingdom through our lives...May Father's priority become our priority .......in Jesus precious name we pray.....Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.(Matthew 6:33) Blessings to Jerusalem

Seek Father's Kingdom Oct 24, 2014 2 Commenti

How will we live today, if we know Father’s Kingdom will come tomorrow…. …..”For the Son of Man’s coming will be just as it was in the days of Noah. Back then, before the Flood, people went on eating and drinking, taking wives and becoming wives, right up till the day Noah entered the ark; and they didn’t know what was happening until the Flood came and swept them all away. It will be just like that when the Son of Man comes.” (Matthew 25:37-39)..have mercy on us Father...we pray in Jesus' precious name

Family Prayer Oct 19, 2014 3 Commenti

Father God we come to your presence now...you are the true source of life...and our life is a matter of searching your Kingdom.....Father everyday comforts us and lead us.our treasure is in you,...your word is a treasure of life.....help us to walk in that life Father...more than all when we read your words heal our inner selves........Glorious Father heat our prayers in Jesus' name......we expect from you...we expect from you Kingdom alone because we belongs to you alone...in Jesus' precious name who is our prefect High priest , we pray

Expect Father's Kingdom Oct 17, 2014 2 Commenti

.Father, glory to your Kingdom generation. Isaiah 42:8- I am Adonai, that is my name. I yield my Glory to no one else, nor my praise to any idol. Father be glorified in our lives. As you are Holy , make this week Holy for your Kingdom's Glory. "For what I desire is mercy, not sacrifices, knowledge of Father more than burnt offerings"(Hosea 6:6) In Jesus' precious who is our perfect High priest, have mercy on us and we know that you are the King of Kings. Remember us Father in your Kingdom , in your Glorious Kingdom because of your precious sacrificial death of your Son Jesus on the Cross. Jesus our perfect High Priest intercede for us. ( week days 11-16).

Family prayer Oct 11, 2014 1 Commenta

...Father, glory to your Kingdom generation. Isaiah 42:8- I am Adonai, that is my name. I yield my Glory no one else, nor my praise to any idol. Father be glorified in our lives. As you are Holy , make this week Holy for your Kingdom's Glory. "For what I desire is mercy, not sacrifices, knowledge of Father more than burnt offerings"(Hosea 6:6) In Jesus' precious who is our perfect High priest, have mercy on us and we know that you are the King of Kings. Remember us Father in your Kingdom , in your Glorious Kingdom because of your precious sacrificial death of your Son Jesus on the Cross. Jesus our perfect High Priest intercede for us

Weight of His Glory Sep 25, 2014 3 Commenti

I am thanking Father now for NOT fulfilling my all plans and dreams.......because weight of His Glorious plans are far exceeding than all my plans ...He is a Glorious KING and a responsible Father ......All the Honor and Glory to Father through Jesus Christ ....Dear Cross Tv family ,lets thank Him together as a Glorious Family

??? ??????? Aug 01, 2014 2 Commenti

Отец небесный! Милость Твоя безгранична, Любовь Твоя безусловна, Слава Твоя из века в век, из рода в род. Господи. храни род человеческий. помоги нам жить по слову Твоему. Господи, благослови страну мою Украину, благослови ее своей любовью и заботой. защити ее от сил зла,. что ополчились против нее на небе и на земле. помоги сохранить души и тела тех, кто защищает ее в трудный час, помоги спастись тем, кто оступился не по доброй воле, а по принуждению, помоги заблуждающимся увидеть свет Твой. Смягчи сердца воюющих явно и тайно. дай им услышать Тебя и выполнить Твою волю. Господи. славлю Тебя и превозношу, прошу и благодарю, преклоняюсь и стремлюсь к Тебе всей душой. К кому мне идти, Ты один имеешь глаголы вечной жизни

Present season Jul 31, 2014 1 Commenta

Precious brothers and sisters in CHRIST , this is the BIG time where we must come under the protection of High priest Jesus ~~~~~~~~~against all pressures and negative situations ~~~It will get darker and darker but Father's Glory will shine more and more ~~~~staying with Word of God and studying scriptures are always more effective NOW than watching the news medias which bring more pressure....Father's Glorious Church will shine more and more .......One day may we rejoice in Glory by seeing our Beloved Father's face ....in Jesus' name ..amen

"Prayer for Marlene's health" Jun 09, 2014 3 Commenti

“And their prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make them well. And anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven. Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results.” James 5:15-16 (NLT) Dear Lord, You know Marlene, Donna's friend so much better than we do. You know her sickness and the burden she carries. You also know her heart. She is having open heart surgery on the 16th June. Lord, I ask you to be with Marlene now as you work in her life. Lord, let your will be done in Donna's friend's life. If there is a sin that needs to be confessed and forgiven, please help her to see her need and confess. Lord, I pray for Marlene just as your Word tells me to pray, for healing. I believe you hear this earnest prayer from my heart and that it is powerful because of your promise. I have faith in you, Lord, to heal Marlene, but I also trust in the plan you have for her life. Lord, I don't always understand your ways. I don't know why Marlene has to suffer, but I trust you. I ask that you look with mercy and grace towards Marlene. Nourish her spirit and soul in this time of suffering and comfort her with your presence. Let Marlene know you are there with her through this difficulty time of her open heart surgery. Give her strength. Please restore your servant to full health, dear Father. Remove all fear and doubt from her heart by the power of your Holy Spirit, and may you, Lord, be glorified through her life. As you heal and renew your servant, Lord, may she bless and praise you. All of this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Our response in GLORY Jun 05, 2014 6 Commenti

May Father comfort our hearts and keep our minds in peace because our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. (Romans 8:8) ~~What will we say at the end of the day does matter than the present sufferings! ~~~~By His Glory , we may say that after feeding 5000 with five loaves , there left 12 baskets of FULL of leftovers. By His Glory, we may say that after feeding 4000 with seven loaves, there left again 7 baskets of FULL of leftovers. In Jesus, we have the best wine at the end. Glory to Father’s Kingdom. Jesus said “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. (John 14: 12-14)

Land for Perishing Young people Souls May 27, 2014 5 Commenti

Hello dear brother/sister in Christ Jesus! One day while I was in prayer, I have had the strong inspiration and also God showed me that there has a been the specific LAND, which signifying that every Sunday evening at 4.00PM, prayer meeting was being conducted for the solely youngsters, accordingly, I have found out the particular LAND itself what God had revealed. Therefore, in such a situation We have approached the owner of the land in our village, Tsunduru itself and She is ready to sell this land worth1000 square yards, for which its present market rate is Rupees 20,00,000 (in USA Dollars 33,000). Hence, because of these Apt prevailing matters and factors in this aspect in accordance with God's inspiration and revealing We shall have to buy this land itself and as you too know very well the youth are being misguided and addicted to many bad habits in the society, accordingly, in such a adverse situation, it is our bounden duty and moral responsibility that many more youth souls have to be saved, as well. It is our strong motive and firm determination. Therefore, as this is being the precious and sustainable endevour for the youth it is our humble request, please kindly pray all its peaceful and successful fulfillment at an earliest and most obviously, for this sake, We do need your immense prayers as well as generous support with pleasure. And also according to your possibility, Please kindly extend this much financial help through you and also through the kind involvement of your good friends and also your fellow Christian Church members there itself. It is our humble request only, The Land is now ready for sale, We are praying for you, hope you will do the same AS HE does Thanking you, Pastor Rao

ВВК May 15, 2014 1 Commenta

Единому Премудрому Богу, Спасителю нашему чрез Иисуса Христа Господа нашего, слава и величие, сила и власть прежде всех веков, ныне и во все веки. Аминь.

Shelter for Tribal kids Jun 17, 2013 5 Commenti

Greetings and good wishes! In The recent past we have started temporary shelter for tribal kids, feed them with bread and bananas, they are about 20 kids, who are really in hungry condition and naked and half naked, awaiting food and proper clothes,Therefore, We request you, kindly pray for these 20 kids be fed twice a day, permanent shelter and proper clothe and also education, a mighty man who wish to be a sponsor or father for these poor kids. when we see they live very small huts, they have no bathrooms, latrines, no bed no cot etc.

elisha son of jesus May 31, 2011 4 Commenti

Dear Lord, there are many days when I feel guilty. I know now that it is Satan who tries to make me feel guilty and whispers accusing thoughts into my head. Thank You that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin so that I can walk in freedom and live for eternity in heaven with You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

elisha son of jesus May 02, 2011

My Father, I am so grateful that, though bound by circumstances, I can be free - free to be all YOU want me to be. Help me enter into this freedom and experience it not simply as a theory but as a fact. In Jesus' name . Amen..................

elisha son of jesus Apr 27, 2011 1 Commenta

My dear loving GOD jesus , please help me to obey your all words! Please take total control of my heart,mind, & sole it is your and will be yours. in jesus name ............................ Amen

ВВК Apr 06, 2011

Кто усмотрит погрешности свои? От тайных [моих] очисти меня и от умышленных удержи раба Твоего, чтобы не возобладали мною. Тогда я буду непорочен и чист от великого развращения. Да будут слова уст моих и помышление сердца моего благоугодны пред Тобою, Господи, твердыня моя и Избавитель мой Укажи мне, Господи, пути Твои и научи меня стезям Твоим. Направь меня на истину Твою и научи меня, ибо Ты Бог спасения моего; на Тебя надеюсь всякий день. Вспомни щедроты Твои, Господи, и милости Твои, ибо они от века. Грехов юности моей и преступлений моих не вспоминай; по милости Твоей вспомни меня Ты, ради благости Твоей, Господи! Ради имени Твоего, Господи, прости согрешение мое, ибо велико оно. Призри на меня и помилуй меня, ибо я одинок и угнетен. Скорби сердца моего умножились; выведи меня из бед моих, призри на страдание мое и на изнеможение мое и прости все грехи мои. Сохрани душу мою и избавь меня, да не постыжусь, что я на Тебя уповаю. Непорочность и правота да охраняют меня, ибо я на Тебя надеюсь. Не погуби души моей с грешниками и жизни моей с кровожадными. Услышь, Господи, голос мой, которым я взываю, помилуй меня и внемли мне. Не скрой от меня лица Твоего; не отринь во гневе раба Твоего. Ты был помощником моим; не отвергни меня и не оставь меня, Боже, Спаситель мой! Благословен Господь, ибо Он услышал голос молений моих. Господь - крепость моя и щит мой; на Него уповало сердце мое, и Он помог мне, и возрадовалось сердце мое; и я прославлю Его песнью моею.

ВВК Apr 04, 2011

Господи многомилостивый, Долготерпеливый и всепрощаючий, истинный. Вся хвала Тебе, вся слава Тебе, вся честь Тебе. Господи, прошу возьми все дела мои. Что б свершились все предприятия мои Тебе во славу. Господи, я отдаю Тебе все мои дела, все мои проблемы, всю суетность мой жизни. Прошу, наполни мою жизнь смыслом, уповаю на Тебя, на милость Твою.

ziv1212 Mar 16, 2011 1 Commenta

Дорогой мой Господь, Отец мой Небесный, Создатель мой, Помощник мой, Учитель мой, Целитель мой, Защитник мой, Друг мой! Аллилуйя! Аллилуйя! Аллилуйя! Слава и благословение Тебе! Слава и благодарение Тебе! Господь, благодарю тебя за то, что Ты создал этот мир, нашу прекрасную планету, за то, что создал меня, за то, что я могу видеть и слышать, говорить с Тобой, за то, что Ты - Великий и Могучий слышишь меня -маленькую песчинку во Вселенной. Благодарю Тебя за то, что любишь меня, за жертву Твою беспримерную - за Сына Твоего. Человеческим умом невозможно понять такую Святую любовь. Благодарю Тебя за то, что учишь меня, за слезы и радость, за то, что я могу ходить в церковь и славить Тебя, за то, что Ты дал человеку при его рождении свободный выбор. Дорогой Господь, я выбираю Тебя! Этот путь узок, этот путь труден, это постоянная борьба, но он есть "путь и истина и жизнь". Дорогой мой Господь, прошу Тебя, призри на моих детей, моих внуков, моих родных и близких, коснись их сердец, приведи их к Себе, приведи их к покаянию. Господь, очисти мое сердце от всякого зла и скверны, сделай его "чистым сосудом", достойным для Тебя! Дорогой мой Господь, моя душа к тебе, как жаждущая земля! Дари мне радость слышать Тебя, потому что я на Тебя уповаю! Укажи мне путь, по которому мне идти, потому что к Тебе возношу я душу мою! Научи меня исполнять волю Твою, потому что Ты - мой БОГ! Господи, дай мне мудрости, кротости, смирения, силы, терпения, научи меня любить и прощать, как это делал Иисус. Господи, управляй моими поступками, действиями, словами, мыслями, потому что без Тебя я ничего не могу! Дорогой Господь, не давай лукавому искушать меня, а если позволяешь, то давай мне силы для преодоления искушений. Дорогой Отец мой Небесный, прошу Тебя, не оставляй меня, пребудь всегда со мной, держи меня в своей руке, потому что жить без Тебя невозможно, охрани и защити меня от всякого зла. Дорогой Господь, научи меня говорить о Тебе всем неверующим так, чтобы они сразу уверовали в Тебя! Прошу Тебя во имя Отца и Сына и Духа Святого! И благодарю Тебя за все! Аминь! Mi querido Señor, mi Padre Celestial, Creador, mi ayudante, mi maestro, mi sanador, mi defensor, mi, mi amigo! ¡Aleluya! ¡Aleluya! ¡Aleluya! Gloria y la alabanza a ti! Gloria y gracias a ti! Señor, te doy gracias por lo que ha creado este mundo, nuestro hermoso planeta para que me hizo, por lo que veo y escucho, para hablar con usted, porque usted - el Grande y Poderoso oírme - pequeños granos de arena en el universo. Gracias por lo que me encanta, por tu sacrificio sin par - de tu Hijo. La mente humana no puede entender como un santo amor. Gracias por lo que enseño, por las lágrimas y la alegría, porque yo voy a ti la iglesia y la alabanza, porque tú has dado al hombre en su nacimiento una elección libre. Estimado Señor, yo que usted elija! Este camino es estrecho, el camino es difícil, es una lucha constante, pero es "el camino la verdad y la vida." Mi querido Señor, te ruego, mirar a mis hijos, mis nietos, mi familia y amigos, tocar sus corazones, llevarlos a sí mismo, traerlos al arrepentimiento. Señor, limpia mi corazón de todo mal y la suciedad, lo convierten en un buque "puro, digno de ti! Mi querido Señor, mi alma a ti, como tierra sedienta! Dame la alegría de oír, porque yo confío en Ti! Muéstrame el camino a donde voy, porque a ti elevo mi alma! Enséñame tu voluntad, para que - ¡Dios mío! Señor, dame la sabiduría, la mansedumbre, la humildad, fortaleza, paciencia, me enseñaron a amar y perdonar, como lo hizo Jesús. Señor, dirijo mi comportamiento, acciones, palabras, pensamientos, porque sin ti no puedo hacer nada! Querido Señor, no permitas que el maligno para tentar a mí, pero si permite, entonces me da fuerza para vencer las tentaciones. Querido Padre Celestial, te pido, no me dejes Quédate siempre conmigo, me sostiene en la mano porque no se puede vivir sin, proteger y salvar a mí de todo mal. Querido Señor, enséñame a hablar de ti todos los creyentes para que una vez creyeron en ti! Te lo ruego en el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo! Y gracias por todo! ¡Amén! My dear Lord, my Heavenly Father, Creator, my assistant, my teacher, my healer, my defender, my, my friend! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory and blessing to you! Glory and thanks be to Thee! Lord, I thank you for what you created this world, our beautiful planet for that made me, for what I see and hear, to speak with you, because you - the Great and Mighty hear me - small grains of sand in the universe. Thank you for what you love me, for thy sacrifice unparalleled - for thy Son. The human mind can not understand such a holy love. Thank you for what I teach, for the tears and joy, because I go to church and praise thee, because thou hast given to man at his birth a free choice. Dear Lord, I choose you! This path is narrow, the path is difficult, it's a constant struggle, but it is "the way the truth and the life." My dear Lord, I pray thee, look upon my children, my grandchildren, my family and friends, touch their hearts, bring them to Himself, bring them to repentance. Lord, cleanse my heart from all evil and filth, make it a "pure vessel, worthy of thee! My dear Lord, my soul to you, as a thirsty land! Give me joy to hear you because I trust in You! Show me the path where I go, because to you I lift up my soul! Teach me Thy will, for you - my God! Lord, give me wisdom, gentleness, humility, strength, patience, teach me to love and forgive, as Jesus did. Lord, I manage my behavior, actions, words, thoughts, because without you I can not do anything! Dear Lord, do not let the evil one to tempt me, but if you allow, then give me strength to overcome temptations. Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you, do not leave me Stay always with me, hold me in your hand because you can not live without, protect and save me from all evil. Dear Lord, teach me to talk about you all the unbelievers so that they once believed in you! I beg you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! And thank you for everything! Amen!

МакНик (Варух) Jan 01, 2011 7 Commenti

Братья и сестры. Прошу вас с верой и любовью молиться за моих племянников Даниила (9 лет), Сему (8 лет) и Юлю (6 лет). У них патологии в организме. У Даника не опустились яички, у Семы правая почка маленькая и повышенное внутричерепное давление, у Юли деформация нижних конечностей. Но я верю, что молитвами святых божьих людей болезни они будут исцелены и Бог восторжествует могущественно в этих маленьких телах. Также прошу вас поддержать молитвой веры их маму - сестру Валю. Ей очень необходима поддержка и укрепление от Господа и Святого Духа. С Миром Божьим, брат во Христе, Максим.

МакНик (Варух) Mar 14, 2010 3 Commenti

Брат Максим делает большую работу для Господа. Он оказывает большую помощь и поддержку пророческому служению "двух Маслин" и служению "Нового Завета". Делает он это по силам и сверх сил, и я этому свидетель. Поэтому братья и сестры молитесь с благословением за брата Максима, он был до сих пор верным помощником в служении, как я верю будет и до конца верным Евангелию Иисуса Христа! Аминь! Служение "Нового Завета". Maslina.