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Ezra Orlando  Chea

Ezra |Cameroon

We are now 1st Month of the year before the Lord. Begin a prosperous New 2014, Flying in Great heights. What the Lord said: http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/57.php

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USE THESE 5 GOLDEN KEY STEPS & LIVE ETERNALLY WITH THE LORD : (1)-We read the written Word of God(Logos) to get KNOWLEDGE of God and His way of Life for us. Joshua 1;8 |Continua

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I hold a B.A  in History(international Relations), and was  a high school teacher until my calling to serve the Lord of all glory, that  I enrolled in a Paramedical School where I earned a Diploma in General Medicines. I’m now a paramedical practitioner, author, and coordinator of: The teaching Ministry for the perfecting of the Saints in ready for the Rapture and healing of the sick.

I’m a conservative born again child of God, very passionate in the things of the Lord. With my ministry that entails travels over the World, for conferences, workshops etc…, my desire for hard working, intelligent and passionate friends in the things of the Lord is high, because this is my very nature. Lazy people can’t match with me. My nature naturally revolts against  outward  adorning (paintings, etc..)., because  a modestly dressed woman without artificiality , is most beautifully looking, in the glory of God.

But not withstanding, my caring nature just like that of the Lord is wonderful. No wonder he called me unto a spiritual and health Ministry (Medical) which is all tender caring.  Every authentic born again child of the Lord, must resemble him in hard work, and tender caring.

Segregation is the works of the devil, and as such, color or racial discrimination revolts my inner being. I hate racism.

I’m very upset by the general attitude of living the animal’s life which consists of:   Circular working, eating/drinking, entertainment and sleeping. Such an animal type of life is purposeless and thus very useless.  A psychologically balanced human being should be that one, able to answer the following questions:

1)  Where am I coming from?

2)  What am I doing here?

3)  Where am I going to?

I attached importance to things, only if they are to help me achieve my calling in the Lord. Everything to me must fit in the eternal goal. My belief is that we have no more time to waste here in this present world which is a durst bin. My visions on the new coming age makes me lost test of this present decaying world. I can live anyway at any time, so long as it is useful for the achievement of my goal in the Lord; therefore, I expect my friends equally to.



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Dear brethren, are you a favorite of the Lord?   If honestly your | Continua

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