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Michael Taylor

RealFoodDude|United States

Building a couple of businesses and active in my church

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Michael Taylor

Data di nascita:

Gen 1, 2009


New Richmond [45157], United States (Ohio)

Il mio motto :

Building a couple of businesses and active in my church

I miei campi di missione:

People with bodies who eat food.

I miei obiettivi:

To actively hear the LORD more consistently for the good works to which He calls me, to be used to build His Kingdom, not mine.

La mia chiesa:

Crossroads Community Church -- www.Crossroads.net -- Very cool in many aspects, especially the synthesis of the Gospel into current events, maintaining the Truth God has for us.






Responsible Living Association:

Occupazione e hobby:


Il mio personaggio preferito:

Jesus, but some other guys in the flesh like Greg Boyd, Brian Tome, Ravi Zacharius, Malcolm Smith, R

La mia musica preferita:

Some Christian like: Robin Mark, Steve Manuel (used to be our worship leader), Carman, Michael W. Smith, Hillsong, Don Moen, Russ Taft, The Gaithers, Petra, Some Secular like: Elvis & other 50's & 60's, some U2, and ??? catchy tune, not acid rock, not bland, some positive country like some Oakridge Boys, etc. I don't listen much, but don't want to listen to destructive or degrading lyrics or music

Banda / Artisti preferiti:


Libri preferiti :

The Bible, Mere Christianity and other CS Lewis, "The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus talks with Budda" and other Ravi Zacharius books, the Joshua books by Joseph F Girzone health, permaculture books

Film preferiti:

Lots--they that portray redemption, triumph of good (though they usually lack a clear portrayal or definition of good), action---like The Passion of the Christ, Brave Heart, "The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe", Shawshank Redemption, Erin Brockovich, Schindler's List, The Principal, Return of the Titans, Die Hard, Princess Bride, and lots more.

I miei eroi:

Of course Christ Jesus, and those who exhibit some reflection of his goodness like those about whom movies are made. And some that are in my life or whom you would not know.

Luoghi di vacanza preferiti:

Asheville, NC, the beach anywhere clean and warm, or anyplace with friends

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La mia famiglia per me vuol dire:

A group of committed relationships for growth and security

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