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Albert Bricker

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Oct 15, 2018

ts of the Apostles Chapter Three

Verse 1: We are not told how much time has passed since the day of Pentecost. But we can assume that it has been several weeks as the religious leaders are fed up with the believers. On this particular day Peter and John are going to the temple at 9 |Continua
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Sep 12, 2018

Acts of the Apostles Chapter Two

Verse 1. The day of Pentecost has arrived and it has been ten days since the ascension of Jesus. It has been fifty days since the Sabbath of Passover. Pentecost in the Greek means fifty, fiftieth part of things, fiftieth in order. All the Jews would |Continua
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Sep 12, 2018

Acts of the Apostles Chapter One

Verse 1: Luke's use of the word Xenophen from which we get our word "volumes" recalls Theophilus to his first volume which is the gospel of Luke. Many speculations of who Theophilus have surfaced over the years. In hopes of staying away from |Continua
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Sep 12, 2018

Acts of the Apostles Introduction

INTRODUCTION ​ When you begin to study on anything you want to get to the truth of your subject. This requires a great deal of study and research to find truthful facts. We live in a day and age that has set the standard for truth at 80% of facts. |Continua
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Jan 31, 2017

Being wise in the world

Wisdom seems to be in short supply in our nation. This lack of wisdom has made it’s way into the brotherhood and we are losing bible colleges, churches, publications, bookstore to liberalism. Here at Restoration Chronicles our theme for the year is |Continua
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Feb 23, 2010

Leadership Development Part three

The Problem The problem that we have had in the past is spending to much time going over the qualifications and the job description. That we never train men to perform the job description. Million dollar companies do not hire people and say here's the |Continua
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Feb 23, 2010

Leadership Development Part two

Basic Fundamentals Working successfully is accomplished with better training and the material in hand to aid in the process of being effective. No matter where you are in the world you will always be the teacher or the student. Every opportunity that |Continua
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Feb 23, 2010

Leadership Development Part one

WELCOME Welcome to Leadership Development, a program designed to take you from managers to shepherds. This series is designed for the leader who wants to develop the skills to build people into mature Christians. The most powerful tool in the world for |Continua
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Feb 23, 2010

What we believe

What we Believe Category: Religion and Philosophy .. What We Believe By Enon Valley Church Of Christ 1. As individuals we call ourselves Christian's or Disciples of Jesus; this means we are learners or followers of Christ. 2. As a congregation we call |Continua
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Feb 23, 2010

When the perfect comes

.1st Corinthians 13:1-13; please read this scripture . There has been over the years controversy about this portion of scripture among the denominational churches and Christians. The meaning of verse ten has indeed sparked many debates. |Continua
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