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Jimmy  Ladera


"It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it" (Proverbs 10:22)

La mia preghiera

Dear Father God, Thou, oh Father God, art the Author, Creator, Power-House and Source of everything in us & about us. Thou, oh God, own everything! By Your endless Mercies & |Continua

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Sep 29, 2009

"Wake-up" Call, or "Wrath of God"???

“Wake-up” Call, or “Wrath of God”?   The devastating storm, “Ondoy”, that hit hard & caused so much damage to properties and displaced thousands of homeless populace in Metro Manila, Philippines, last |Continua
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"Wake-up" Call, or "Wrath of God"???

Sep 21, 2009

Promise of "Holistic" Blessings!

Hasn't someone ever promised you something of value but after some time of waiting and expecting, not even a shadow of the promised thing is on sight at the date specified?  Doubtlessly, that fellow isn't real though he sounded ideal.   But who |Continua
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Promise of "Holistic" Blessings!

Sep 18, 2009

"How can I give thanks when...???"

  Is anybody so dismayed & hurting that the gloomy feeling is so overwhelming that such a one just can’t see even a glimpse of light at the other end of the tunnel, so to speak?   I was invited one time as a visiting friend to attend |Continua
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Sep 15, 2009

Discerning a Friend's "prophetic-sounding" words!

  What I'm about to share with you, my dear online friends, may not be true to all cases, but it is to me. Who knows, same is true to you as well if you'll only care to delve deeper to find it.   Just like you, I, too, have some select friends |Continua
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Sep 10, 2009

Living this "Transitory" LIFE in FULL

  Dear Friends,   Here below is a “Piece of Reflection” specially offered & served just for you:     If you appreciate the goodness, truth, and beauty you find in your environ,And you add to them the gifts, |Continua
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Sep 06, 2009


If it's not you who actually made it, at least you must have seen or known someone else made an "Impressive Mark" amid the challenges & opportunities of life in the competitive world.Whether it's sheer good fortune or you claim to have given it all to |Continua
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Aug 31, 2009

Practical life's POSTURE to live with!

Dear Fellows,   I got some practical menu you might want to review and ponder on before taking in, if you may!  But first, allow me to ask just three (3) questions:   Q-1:  Are you pursuing a “Unique Course” in life fit |Continua
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Practical life's POSTURE to live with!

Aug 21, 2009

Choose, Cherish, & Love Life!

Beloved brethren in the faith, speaking of our "Journey-through-life" in the now & here, hereunder are some tips for everyone's reflection and working guidance: TO ENDURE & MERELY HOLD THE LINE is telling & living only half of life's story; |Continua
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Choose, Cherish, & Love Life!

Aug 15, 2009


    You must have heard someone saying, "To seek & find perfection in an imperfect world is a futile exercise". Of course, it's no big deal arguing on that.I once had an opportunity & privilege to witness and later minister by offering |Continua
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Aug 08, 2009

New Life!...New Day!

A New Life!...A New Day!...Indeed, for me and for you who can believe it, Here It Is and TODAY IS!       How grateful I really am and how I love this New Life and New Day as A Gift Unmerited.       In hindsight, I |Continua
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New Life!...New Day!