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"It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it" (Proverbs 10:22)

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Graduating to a Higher Dimension

Aug 03, 2009

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During one of my visits to his clinic to see our family physician, Dr. Lorie E, in Gensan City, Philippines, not only was I impressed but greatly blessed by his confession and testimony.


He would share with me some revealing stories of what it really takes to live up to his calling as a committed medical professional.


Humbly admitting that he would feel overwhelmed at times particularly in moments when patients with varied illnesses come for consultation, bearing heavy heart, understandably due to their unpleasant conditions.


Seeing and interacting uninterruptedly with long line of sickly persons would make the Doctor, human as he is, feel virtually sick and drained to a point of almost losing professional composure.


At times, Dr. Lorie E. would be tempted to get impatient with patients who kept coming back uttering the same complaint if not bearing already a worsening health problem.  When asked whether or not the patient religiously followed the prescriptions and advises previously given, almost always the answer would be negative.


But what makes my friend, Dr. Lorie E., remain wholesome still and always on-the-go a "jolly-good-fellow" is his conviction.  He believes that he has no choice but "TO LOVE THE UNLOVABLE".


That's right!  Loving only those who love us is relatively good.  But to go the extra-mile and live larger-than-life by loving even those who care less, for they couldn't even care for themselves, is SUPERLATIVE.  Surely, this latter kind of love characterizes the One who has graduated to a higher dimension in his spirituality as a God-fearing person.


To my friend, Dr. Lorie E., and for that matter, to every practitioner or minister in his respective line & field of specialization (physiological, psychological, moral, etc.), the sickly world needs more and more of your kind.


Keep it UP, Buddies!!!