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Cyril Jacob

Cyril Jacob|Pakistan

We received God's the best (Jesus Christ) and we are bond to give our the best in return to God.

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Lamp Bible School is beginning it's 4th class on August 22, 2017, Tuesday, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Please pray for provision of students for learning of the precious Word of God.

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Kingdom prayer with spreading videos Jun 20, 2017 4 Commenti

Please do share these videos with prayer- Let us pray together in this precious day~~~~Today You and I are standing in a perfectly healed Glorious ground. Now we have a perfectly healed fellowship with our precious God the Father, perfectly healed fellowship with our precious brothers, sisters and family. ALL BECAUSE of Jesus~~~ “Surely Jesus has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows ; He was wounded for our transgressions; By His wounds we are Healed” (Isaiah 53) ~~ May Our Father’s Kingdom be Glorified in our lives.- welcome to watch these with simple video stories Tomorrow's news - regarding Kingdom of God. Journey - A political face of Jesus -

we are here to Preach Christ crucified and Risen - Oct 18, 2011 9 Commenti

Full name: Republic of Azerbaijan Population: 8.8 million (UN, 2009) Capital: Baku Area: 86,600 sq km (33,400 sq miles) Major language: Azeri, Russian Major religion: Islam Life expectancy: 68 years (men), 72 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: 1 manat = 100 qapik Main exports: Oil, oil products GNI per capita: US $4,840 (World Bank, 2008) Internet domain: .az International dialling code: +994 ::::::::::::::::::::::President: Ilham Aliyev:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Lord this time we are lifting Azerbaijan to your presence.....we are asking Lord's blood may cover the country now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father ...we know that by your son's blood you established the peace ..Now we are asking that blood may cover whole Azerbaijan and protect them.....:::: by faith it is done. ……We believe......we proclaim your words of salvation to this country (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says…..."I made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ so those who know the Lord, "are called" to preach him... It’s a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare and proclaim Lord's mercy over that just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about It’s our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and I welcome all friends to pray over Azerbaijan....and friends from Azerbaijan can just pray about the problems of their country it will be helpful to pray together as FAMILY ........... We are a Family in Christ…..we are NOT STRANGERS ......Ephesians 2:19-20~~Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. Praise the Lord~~~))) map and location of Azerbaijan ~~

I will Praise you Lord Forever! Oct 16, 2011 2 Commenti

Throughout my life, is a standard written language in my praise as producing fruit for an offering, and my lips are like a gift of sacrifice. With the lyre and the harp, sing praise to the glory of God, and the flute of my lips exalt his justice. Morning and evening, will remain in covenant with God: and the end of the day, recite his commandments, and while there, there will my border and the end of my journey. So, bless his name on everything you do, before moving the hands or feet, whether you want to go, whether I want to feel me up, or even lying on my bed, sing songs of praise. My lips when the roar at the table, and before you even lift my hands in order to participate in any of the delicious fruit harvested from the earth. When you get the fear and terror, and there is only anguish and grief, yet will I bless the name of the Lord and I will give thanks for his marvelous deeds, and meditate in his power, and I will bow before your mercy during throughout the day. For I know that in their hands for justice for all living, and I know that all his works are true. So whether in distress or in salvation, praise the Lord in the same way.

we are here to Preach Christ crucified and Risen - Oct 10, 2011

we are here to Preach Christ crucified and Risen - to Mexico Lord this time we are lifting Mexico to your presence.....we are asking Lord's blood may cover the country now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father ...we know that by your son's blood you established the peace ..Now we are asking that blood may cover whole Mexico and protect them.....:::: by faith it is done. ……We believe......we proclaim your words of salvation to this country (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says…..."I made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ so those who know the Lord, "are called" to preach him... It’s a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare and proclaim Lord's mercy over that just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about It’s our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and I welcome all friends to pray over Mexico....and friends from Mexico can just pray about the problems of their country it will be helpful to pray together as FAMILY ........... We are a Family in Christ…..we are NOT STRANGERS ......Ephesians 2:19-20~~Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. Map of Mexico Praise the Lord~~~)))

I need your prayer Oct 06, 2011 1 Commenta

Hello Brethren, Next Friday will make a test to work at a Christian camp in Canada. I ask your help in prayer. In Christ,

“Father, let it start with US Oct 01, 2011 12 Commenti

Father says “ a new generation is raising up … a new generation who walk with me….who sit with me…….who ask guidance for every single matter ………..who walk in healing ….who gives healing ………who walk in miracles ….who walk in selfless faith ….who walk in awesome manner that never ever a generation walk with me before……..and it start with YOU AND ME ..””” // John 5:17 ~~~ “Jesus answered them , “My Father is ALWAYS working ,and I too MUST work…….. Romans 5: 20::: BUT where sin increased ,God’s GRACE increased much MORE…// so if you put together John 5:17 and Romans 5:20…………..who is the WINNER still???? Who has the strong hold still ???????.......... No matter what Father is always the winner …Heaven wins always …….Jesus shed his last drop of blood for us ………even in that one drop is not go in vain……Father wants a new awakening with YOU and ME …….so lets pray together “Father, let it start with US “~~~~~

This transformation is result of developing A Life Sep 29, 2011 10 Commenti

There is a living and breathing generation that walks the earth today that is growing into its destiny as a Glory (presence based) Generation. They are a new wineskin that has been raised up for such a time as this. They are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, they are healing the sick, they are casting out unclean spirits, they are raising the dead and they are making disciples. They are fueled and compelled by the Love of Christ and the mighty Power of His Spirit. They are a generation extraordinaire that has learned the value of A Lifestyle of Glory. The Glory of the Lord is a tangible reality available to every believer. Another way to say this would be that the Presence of the Lord is real! It is a tangible reality on earth as it is in Heaven. Let's look at Exodus 33:10-14 which says that Moses prayed to the Lord, "And all the people saw the cloudy pillar stand [at] the tabernacle door: and all the people rose up and worshipped, every man [in] his tent door. And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle. And Moses said unto the LORD, See, thou sayest unto me, Bring up this people: and thou hast not let me know whom thou wilt send with me. Yet thou hast said, I know thee by name, and thou hast also found grace in my sight. Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation [is] thy people. And he said, My presence shall go [with thee]..." What a powerful passage of scripture demonstrating the tangible presence of the Lord that is not only available, but the heritage and destiny of every believer. Everyone saw, everyone heard, everyone experienced with their physical senses the Glory of the Lord. It was so beautiful and strong that everyone worshiped at the door of their tents. Entire families were witnessing the Glory of the Lord and worshiping in His Glorious Presence. We can't settle for anything less than this, the Glory of the Lord in all walks of life. Lifestyle of Glory I looked up the word presence in vs. 14 and I was amazed at its meaning. It means the face of Yahweh that completely surrounds you. In front of you, behind you, to the left and the right of you, above and beneath you. That blew me away when I read that what Moses had asked for the Glory of Yahweh (or the face of Yahweh) to completely surround them as they journeyed into a land whose builder and maker was the Lord. He asked for the Glory of the Lord to be the mark that followed the nation of Israel. In Matthew 28:20 Jesus says, "...I am with you always, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen." I looked up what that word "with" means in this verse and to my amazement it means after and/or behind. Virtually it means the same thing as stated in Exodus between Yahweh and Moses. And the great revelation in the New Covenant is that the former and latter rain have become one in Christ and now the Glory of Lord is a tangible reality around us and in us. In this Lifestyle of Glory we see the Lord of Glory completely surrounding us and pouring out His Spirit upon everyone who asks, seeks and knocks. Upon everyone who is hungry and the thirsty. Jesus' promise to everyone who asks is that they will receive. His promise to everyone who seeks is that they will find. His promise to everyone who knocks is that doors will be opened. He said blessed are the hungry & thirsty for they will be filled. The very nature of this lifestyle stirs up hunger for seeking intimacy with Jesus. It produces a true desire for change and transformation. A Lifestyle of Glory produces change that this world so desperately needs. Let's look at the change we see in the life of Peter after developing A Lifestyle of Glory. In Luke 5:8 we see Peter coming face to face with the Glory of the Lord in the person of Jesus and Peter falling down at Jesus' knees and saying, "depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man". In Luke 9:20 we see Peter declaring that Jesus is the Christ. In John 21:7 we see Peter jumping out of the boat and swimming to the resurrected Jesus who sat on the shore. In Acts 1:15 we see Peter standing up to preach among those who were gathered in the upper room. In Acts 2:14 we see Peter preaching and thousands coming to the Lord. In Acts 3:6 we see Peter doing the works of Jesus and seeing the crippled man healed. In Acts 5:15 we see people who are being healed by lining up in the street and getting in Peter's shadow! That transformation is result of developing A Lifestyle of Glory! To develop this lifestyle you must learn to prioritize and place a daily demand on His Glory. Jesus said it best when He said the kingdom of heaven is like a pearl that when it is found is worth selling everything for. It is this Lifestyle of daily Glory that will spark the fires of Revival around the world and will awaken America to a third Great Awakening. It is this lifestyle that demonstrates the tangible presence of the Father to an unbelieving world. It is through this lifestyle that we will see a great grace released like never before and see entire cities come under the Greater Glory of the Lord. So today we place a demand on the Glory of the Lord and we consider it the greatest joy to let go of everything that we might live in it.

Blessing Sep 21, 2011

Dear Lord, Keeping blessing

Cyril Jacob Nov 10, 2010 2 Commenti

Dear Father. I believe that you have chosen and ordained me for your ministry of sharing your love through your beloved son Jesus Christ. I want to fulfill your will on this earth. You know why I am going through current difficult situation. Kindly open doors of your will for me so I can move forward positively. I have to be accountable for my family which you have given to me, so kindly create resources of all kinds for me and my ministry. In Jesus mighty name. Amen

Jess62 Nov 08, 2010 2 Commenti

Wonderful Father, I thankyou that healing is here today for me. Indeed, your Word is true and is life to all, healing to the flesh. Lord, I praise you for being my redeemer and my divine physician at all times. I thankyou too for pray partners here on crosstv who fervently uplifting me in their prayers to you, believing your word and your healing over my gum situation. Lord, I exalt you today for your faithfulness for placing your divine bandage over my gum thus bringing restoration back to my physical health. Thank You, for your merciful love and for your presence in my life. I surrender to You all I am, all I think, all I feel, and all I have. I recognize in this moment that Yours is the power to heal and make whole. Today, I give you all glory and praise…My Jehovah Rapha..I thankyou and exalt thee…Amen…

star2012 Oct 13, 2009

pray for a friend of mine he tellls me to pray for him he needs alot of prayer, and pray for another two friends of mine one of them needs to find christ he is unbelievably close please help pray that i will get the right words to say to him, pray for another friend of mine she is depressed i need u to pray that she will see that GOd can help with that and that everything will be okay, and also pray for all those in different states and have different lives the ones that dont have any food or parents or are sick and injured but dont have enough money to pay to be fixed up pray for them that God would be there, and pray that God will be put back in our schools cuz without a prayer for that than everything will go down hill really fast... God bless all and thank you!!

Needy Oct 06, 2009 4 Commenti

Greetings and blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Warriors pray for me and my family members. We are in urgent need of miracles. We need home. we need financial miracles. My elder bro. Isaac need job and finance for his M. Phill studies. My younger bro. Rufus need a keyboard to play for God. My younger bro. Asher is getting weak bcoz of diabetes , sugar is effecting his eye sight. Pray for mighty hand of God in this regard. We believe He is a living God and so powerful that He can do signs and wonders for us. Amen. Father God I pray for all the above mentioned prayers(requests) listen us and answer our prayers. We are waiting for you, for your response. We are waiting .................. We receive all miracles by faith in Jesus name, Amen

Cyril Jacob Sep 28, 2009 1 Commenta

Dear Father, You are more near to me even than myself. You know me more than me. I am in trouble and I want you to take me out of it. I want to be like my elder brother Jesus, only you can help me so kindly send your Holy Spirit to help me. I want to see you, so help me to be pure like your desire for me. I want to help others and be a blessing for this world like Jesus, help me. I want to be fill of Holy Spirit all the time, help me. I want my family be like Jesus, help them. Kindly heal my father in law, so there might me no need of Angioplasty. In Jesus name. Amen

Needy Sep 18, 2009 1 Commenta

Precious people of God. Please pray for Mrs. Safia , Patient of Breast Cancer, now a days she is going through chemo procedure, Pray for her healing Mr. Isaac Imran 2 years old child, Thalesemia major patient , pray for his complete healing. Mr. Ali Waqas is in procedure of Bone marrow transplant. Please pray for his life. Amen

Richie Sep 17, 2009 2 Commenti

Lord God Almighty, I praise you and magnify you for you are good to me and kind to me. Lord Jesus,Son of the Living God who died for my sins,I give you glory. Lord,help me to pass my C.O.L training. I know it was difficult but when you are with me, I know I can do everything! There is nothing impossible with you,my God. You are Great and Almighty, the Powerful person and friend of mine. Please don't leave me. Sometimes I fail you. But let your grace be with me. Thank you so much Jesus for helping me passing my C.O.L training. As I will start working,be with me always. Help me radiate your goodness that your Name will be glorified. I Thank you and I bless you... In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray,AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

Ester Aug 26, 2009 3 Commenti

Hosea 6, 3 (3) Lasst uns darauf Acht haben und danach trachten, den HERRN zu erkennen; denn er wird hervorbrechen wie die schöne Morgenröte und wird zu uns kommen wie ein Regen, wie ein Spätregen, der das Land feuchtet.« Psalm 24, 4 (4) Wer unschuldige Hände hat und reinen Herzens ist, wer nicht bedacht ist auf Lug und Trug und nicht falsche Eide schwört: Barmherziger Herr In Jesus Herrliche Name Ich bitte dich um Erweckung , "Heilige Geist " offen bare dich den Gott suchenden Muslimen , dass der Herr die Christen beschützt und Stärkt und ihnen Möglichkeiten zum Austauch und der gegenseitigen Ermutigung schenkt . Ich bitte dich Vater in Jesu Name Hauch deine Geist in Islamische Länder das dich Kanne Lernen. In Jesu Namen und durch den Heiligen Geist , der uns gegeben ist an Deiner Statt, Sagen wir Islamische Länder los ; Von bösen Erbe Von jedem Götzendienst Von Blutschuld Von Aller UNversöhnlichkeit ............................................................................... Von allen Götzen Von Satan und seinen Werken .......................................................................... Wir bitten Dich,Heilige Geist dass du freiwerden Räume einnimmst und Du,Herr Jesus ,sie versiegelst Amen ,

Ester Aug 23, 2009 2 Commenti

O Herr, mach mich zu einem Werkzeug deines Friedens, daß ich Liebe übe, wo man sich haßt, daß ich verzeihe, wo man sich beleidigt, daß ich verbinde, da, wo Streit ist, daß ich die Wahrheit sage, wo der Irrtum herrscht, daß ich den Glauben bringe, wo der Zweifel drückt, daß ich die Hoffnung wecke, wo Verzweiflung quält, daß ich ein Licht anzünde, wo die Finsternis regiert, daß ich Freude mache, wo der Kummer wohnt. Herr, laß du mich trachten: nicht, daß ich getröstet werde, sondern daß ich tröste; nicht, daß ich verstanden werde, sondern daß ich verstehe; nicht, daß ich geliebt werde, sondern daß ich liebe. Denn wer da hingibt, der empfängt; wer sich selbst vergißt, der findet; wer verzeiht, dem wird verziehen; und wer stirbt, erwacht zum ewigen Leben.

Grace Ministries Uganda Aug 19, 2009

Oh Lord, You are my dwelling place. You are my source of joy. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit, that I may think your thought and speak your words. Fill me with the joy of your salvation. My life is all yours; yes, I am yours, Yours alone. I belong to only you. Grant me this one wish; that I will dwell in your presence forever. Amen

agw Aug 19, 2009

"Lord Jesus, I acknowledge I am a sinner, and that I have sinned against God. I know now that Your death on the cross was to pay for my sins. I believe that, and love You for it. Right now I invite You into my life to be my personal Saviour and Lord. I understand that by receiving You like this, You also give me eternal life, and I shall live forever in Heaven with You. From this day forth, I want You for my very Best Friend! come live in and with me by Your Holy Spirit. Fill me up with You, Lord Jesus! Amen."

Cyril Jacob Aug 05, 2009

Gojra city of Pakistan. Situation is not much healthy, same day the activists burned around 50-houses and 8 precious people of God were burned in that fire as per media reports. They people showed courage and an FIR is done naming few peoples in it. Please pray that culprits may dealt with iron hand by government, so next time this kind of thing will not take place. Regards, Cyril Jacob

Grace Ministries Uganda Jul 31, 2009

Father, I thank You that I do not quit, but I finish strong. I continue to do Your will, knowing I will receive what You promised.

Lord1st Jul 24, 2009 1 Commenta

I have great news....ON 27.07.09 God answered me...i got that visa and now i am leaving to study in The Netherlands!!!! i am so happy, thank you all who prayed for this....God bless you in everything... HE IS my GOD , HE LOVES US...AND HE IS FULL OF GRACE PRAISE THE LORD !!!! Hello,thank to all of you who supported me in the previous prayer request...i feel blessed and i am sure God showed me my way... Now i need a support in my prayer about my visa...Soon ill go to study in another country and i need to go to the embassy to get Schengen Visa.....this is very important and on monday i will have to go to the interview with the ambassador...i really need your support in my prayer,I am thankful that God is helping me...sometimes i dont deserve this but His love is Huge ;) I am sure on Tuesday i will already let everybody know about God's grace in my life...I thank God for His answer and for your support ;) Amen

Cyril Jacob Jul 24, 2009

I am working as a full time worker in an spiritual organization "Lamp Fellowship International" as "Director Finance". My job is really a demanding one. This is a God called job/ministry. I need your prayers to meet its requirements continuously. Today I am going to one of our cities named Faisalabad. I have to take meeting of leadership for enhancement of Lords work through LFI. I have to preach and guide the team. Please pray for me. Since I joined my full time ministry, My family and me are going through a difficult period of our life, financially, physically and spiritually. We need your prayers to come up successful in our promotion test. So do pray for us.

Shenley Ministries Int Jul 23, 2009 5 Commenti

Father today as so many people are faced with challenges, and feel like they all alone, I ask you Lord, as your servant I bring them all into your throne room of grace I usher them into your presence, Let goodness and mercy follow them all the days of their life. Lord Jesus give that person the strengh to carry on dont leave them!!! but bring them into the knowledge and fullness of who you are. So I speak to your feeble legs and command them to stand up and come to attention and carry on marching as your Destiny is at hand.. Take this prayer, its for you!! Love

Needy Jul 21, 2009 3 Commenti

Hi Dear In Christ, Pray for my anti, she is pregnant but My brothers and sister have seen that this baby will be a diabetic patient. Please pray for her. We rebuke every negative thought. May God take care of both.Amen!

Cyril Jacob Jul 18, 2009

I am working in a ministry and trying to put my share in winning souls under the guidance of Holy Spirit. I need your prayers to come up successfully when I reach to my final destiny.

Dan03 Jul 13, 2009

Dear all, Please pray for india & China..... Prayer:- Heavenly Father, Please save our country and dont destroy it.....i pray for the peace between India, china, Pakistan, and all the countries who are in trouble.. dear Lord, please help us to maintain the relations.... lord, you r the father of this world, so please let your children be happy.....and glorify you.....!!!! In Jesus Name... Amen....!!! Thank You!! Daniel

Saurabh Jul 12, 2009 4 Commenti

Holy Holy Lord father we come near to you to thank you, praise you, worship you, adore you and to be blessed by your name. Please come in My Life purify me with your blood. let all my sins out of me. come in My Life. O' Lord fill me with your spirit, with your power, with your wisdom, with your strength. Take all my curse, burdens in Jesus name. please fulfill my wishes. Please give me your Holy Spirit so that i cant go back and sin back again, in Jesus name... please bring my hope and love back in my life...I accept all my sins, all my faults in your name father.... take everything which is wrong in my life... please lord father fill me with your spirit... make my life perfect in Jesus name Amen.....Glory to the Lord.. Amen.. in Jesus Name....

Camellia Jul 11, 2009

Dear God, Thank you for always being there for your people, Thank you for guiding us, for protecting us, and always watching over us. You are truely a great, big, wonderful God. Continue to bless and protect your people, their families and their loved ones. Amen

vava May 01, 2009 4 Commenti

PRAYER O Lord, we pray for grace before You. Lord, we confess that our eyes are blind; we do not see clearly enough. We know about things, but we do not know Christ. Our Lord seems so far away from us. The things seem so real to us, while Christ does not seem real to us. Lord, we pray that You would open our eyes so that Christ would become real to us, so that the things will pass away and life will fill us. Lord, we pray for deliverance from the many things, so that we can know the Lord as a person. May the Lord who is our person become our things so that everything in us becomes living and full of life, and so that others would see Christ when they see the things. Lord, we know that these two ways are entirely different. How different is the sinner’s way from the way of the righteous. In the same manner, how different is the way of a genuine Christian from that of a false Christian. Many things need to be broken. You have to break us. Do not allow us to deceive ourselves, to think that we have seen it when we have not seen it, to think that we have touched the right way when we really have not touched it, to think that we are full of life when we are full of behavior, and to think that we are full of Christ when we are full of things. Lord, touch us. Lord, build up Yourself in us in a powerful way so that everything within and without us is just Christ, just Yourself. Lord, bless these words so that they would bear fruit and would bring men back to Yourself in a rich way. May You utter what man cannot utter. May You cover man’s weakness and forgive man’s foolishness. May You gain something among us. We need to be laid bare. May tonight be the night when many are laid bare, when they see themselves as You see them. May a little light enter us, and may it shine through all falsehood and all performance so that we would see the replacements and everything that is not You. Bless Your own word, and glorify Your name. In the name of the Lord Jesus, amen.

johnzonj Apr 27, 2009 11 Commenti

Dear friends in Christ, Please pray for the following prayer requests :- 1. Pray for Mr & Mrs.Emily deivanathan, Behirin... 7 years married life....They dont have child ....Lord should offer a child to them. * Praise the Lord...Message received on 16/07/2009 that she conceived. 2. My son Mr.Aasa Nagaman.B.E.( Mechaanical) .....need a Job. 3. A girl named Ramya went away from home with her lover. Her parents lives with tears. Please pray for them. let her daughter back to parents. 4. A departmental case was booked against me by a politician.. Lord God to help me to get discharge from this case. 5. Mr.Raja, (Hindu convert) needs a job......God should give him a suitable Job ....Other wise he will not bear his peoples comment. * Lord answered our prayer...He got a good job. 6.Please pray for Miss.Alice....for college admission, selection of right course. * Praise theLord...She got admission in Top ranked college on 14/07/2009 7. please pray for Mrs.Ruth...Her husbond left her with 2 female child..where about not Known...Lord God should comfort her....Her husbond should repent. * Praise the Lord......Her husbond came back to family.

conquest christain centre Feb 24, 2009 1 Commenta

we need divine favour in the building of our conquest cathedrel.

ALLWYN CHRIS Feb 12, 2009