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Cyril Jacob

Cyril Jacob|Pakistan

We received God's the best (Jesus Christ) and we are bond to give our the best in return to God.

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Lamp Bible School is beginning it's 4th class on August 22, 2017, Tuesday, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Please pray for provision of students for learning of the precious Word of God.

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Since my childhood I had passion for working in the field of Lord without knowing how to do it effectively. As I stated earlier I am a church going person since my childhood. I got early Christian education from my church Sunday school. I worked for my church youth and serve the youth group as a treasurer for many years. In my youth time I got chance many times to share the Word of God with youth in youth group meetings, prayer seminar. I also got chance to preach in one of the Sunday services in the month of December. This was a youth Sunday and I was the person whom whole time entrusted to preach the Word of God. I helped in organization of many church programs in many years. I was used to of cleaning and washing the church with my team and even alone as well. This was started in my childhood and finished with my youth in the church.

I had been involved in making many other youth groups with my friends. We had passion to work for the community, so we gathered together and established a group for community development. This group lasted many years. I got many chances to preach in those meetings.

I brought to LFI by Lord, I had no plans to join and work with it. But as God put me in it since then I starting knowing Jesus Christ more deeply and my passion for lost souls has increased much. With my assignment as director finance, I worked for the organization as manager administration from April 1, 2004 to December 31 2006. In my both capacities I was and am use to of traveling inside Pakistan for betterment of LFI work in different cities. I go to cities to train the leadership to do the work of Lord in their respective fields. I guide them for Finances and administrative matters.

I waited a long to put my efforts in direct evangelism in LFI. Although I got opportunities to preach in many Monday meetings in different cities but that was not much as I want it to be. In this year Lord started opening doors for me inside Lamp Fellowship International.

As my main duty is to work as director finance. In the beginning of this year, I was very much disturbed, feeling sad and low for funds of LFI. I was also concerned about my presence and working as director finance. Even I was planning to leave my paid post. At that movement God opened my mind and showed me very clearly a way for fund raising. It is very simple and we all had experienced it already.
This is “To attain individual and (especially) corporate anointing of the Holy Spirit to get, Power and Unity for a big revival work in and through LFI in and outside Pakistan”. Theme Scripture: Acts 1:8, 2:44-47, Theme Verses: Acts 1:8, 2:45.

I started working inside LFI on the same pattern. Lamp Fellowship International is an interdenominational prayer ministry working since 1989 in Pakistan. It has raised many prayer warriors and being used by God for the salvation, revealing the truth of the word of God, restoration of families and you can name many many things like that. God started speaking to me for the LFI and as I moved around, now our teams in few cities had started experiencing the day of Pentecost in their personal and group lives again very strongly. It is a heritage of Lamp Fellowship International. God gave me word for these special meetings and I preached a lot in these meetings.

God is dealing with me wonderfully well. He is using me as an instrument to bless LFI as He has used and still using many others for the same purpose. I was invited by our Faisalabad Center to preach in their 2nd Monday meeting (A big evangelistic meeting). In which people got salvation and enjoyed the Word of God. One of my friends who are a pastor invited me to preach in his church. Last month I preached there and people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. And I believe doors are opening for me to win souls by directly evangelizing to the lost with the power of the Pentecost.


Hi, my name is Brittany For this video, I'm very ashamed, look here

Cyril Jacob

I am back my friends, Now you can see me as you wish to expand the kingdom of our Father.



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Hi, nice words, we should keep the principles; morality, respect for life, fraternal equality of rights, suffering which made me to communicate and know if everything is going well. I received a request for prayer yours in my account. In my country, that calls for a sentence is almost always for a

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Estimado Cyril Jacob: necesito una cuenta para enviarte ayuda, hace poco me enviaron una dirección falsa que pretendían pasar por ti, por medio de algunos hermanos encontraremos la forma de hacerte llegar. Queremos bendecirte con proyectos Empresariales para tu Ministerio. Tus Amigos Rosa y Dante

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Promises for those who are in Jesus Christ.

Promises for those who are in Jesus Christ.

Promises for those who are in Jesus Christ.   "that you do not become sluggish but | Continua

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