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Freie Christengemeinde Seesen|Germany


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Loard i Pray, Less of ME, more of YOU. God, less of ME in all the areas of my life...... ....less of my whining. ....less of my selfishness. .....less of my criticizing. |Continua

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Freie Christengemeinde Seesen Dec 15, 2009 2 Commenti

Prayers for the Leaders of Our Nation 1 The Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel Dear Father, in Jesus' name I lift up our country to You. You say the harvest are rady, but we need workers. So we pray sed you send workers in the fild, to prepare are country. Me, A Churchplanter? 1. Vision - Do you regularly project into the future in your planning? 2. Self-Starter - Do you create your own "To Do" list each day? 3. Partnership - Do you regularly delegate items on ;your "To Do" list to other people? 4. Relating to Lost People - Can you give an example of a person with whom you have shared Jesus with in this past year? 5. Family Support - Is your spouse enthusiastically involved in ministry opportunities? 6. Outgoing - Do you initiate the majority of your friendships? 7. Committed to Church Growth - Have you started and/or led a ministry that has experienced growth? 8. Community - Have you ever recognized a need in your community and done something about it? 9. Equipping - Have you trained others for leadership? 10. Flexibility - Are you flexible when it comes to change? 11. Team-Building - Do you have experience developing ministry teams? 12. Resilience - Does "Keep on Keeping On" describe your work ethic? 13. Faith - Do you regularly see God answer specific prayer requests in your life? 14. Entrepreneurial - Have you recently started a project from the beginning? 15. Initiative - Do you take the initiative in most of your tasks? 16. Building Ownership - Can you gain commitment from people to your vision? 17. Relational - Do you have relationships with people who are different than you? 18. Ministry Roles - Do you & your spouse have a clear understanding in regards to roles in the ministry? 19. Friendships - Are you proactive in getting to know people on a personal basis? 20. Finances - Are your personal finances well managed? If you answered YES to at least 15 of these questions you may be well-suited for churchplanting. Please contact us