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You shall receive power after that the Holy Spirit has come upon you. Acts 1:8 Lord I pray that you make every believer restless until they witness you in these last days. Amen!

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Dec 06, 2008

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I'm serving God in the villages of southern Malawi, in the district called Chikwawa. This is the hottest part of Malawi with the maximum temperatures reaching up to 62.5 degrees celsius, with lots of mosquitoes. Many preachers don't like to serve God here because of the harsh conditions such as too much heat, mosquitoes, witchcraft attacks (plenty of witchcraft and magic), polygamy, incest, poverty (the poorest of the poor are here), etc.
This makes preachers to just pack themselves in the cities like Blantyre because they know that here they will not be given a fat envelope as a love offering after preaching. One servant of God even said that their church will not establish their branch in the village until villages turn into towns, because by then money will be available in those places............May God help us!

There was a time when people were stealing lots of things at our orphanage, more especially cement. The outsiders (villagers) were organising it with some of our staff. Most of the times stealing here in the villages is just like a way of life because of the intense poverty and the darkness that is enveloping them.
When I was tipped about this, I started doing my investigations and at the end I presented the results to our weekly top management meetings where a solution was not found (nobody knew what to do). I came to the Lord and say 'Lord may you put everything in the open so people may know that we are serving the Almighty God."

After one or two days after our meeting, our children (orphans) saw one of the contractors hiding some iron bars in the sand at the river that is making our bounderies. The children took him on and reported the issue to the one in charge of that department. The thief was called for questioning, I sat down with him to reveal more. He was a guy I was helping spiritually some time back, so it was easier for me to get more information from him. He did not hide a thing, and we took him to the Police Station so that we could get the others involved and to recover our property. The Police went to get the others who were mentioned, and a case was opened for them awaiting trial in court of law.
When the Police went to their homes they recovered some bags of cement which they had stollen from us.

Because I was on the fore front of the investigations and because I wanted to see truth done in the matter, the news spread all over the surrounding villages that it was all because of me. They said that I was the bad person, how could I stop them from stealing? "We are poor people, where can we get the money to buy cement for building our houses?" They said. "It's all because of you, our children are under Police custody."