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Moving in the Calling

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You shall receive power after that the Holy Spirit has come upon you. Acts 1:8 Lord I pray that you make every believer restless until they witness you in these last days. Amen!

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What a Mighty God We Serve!!!

Before I came to Jesus I used to be one of the great soccer players, and I played in a number of well known and outstanding soccer teams in our country Malawi, and I was based in the commercial city called Blantyre. When God saved and called me I used to play of course but not as compititive as I used to be because of lack of training (I couldn't have enough time, for my heart was burning so much for the lost, I just didn't want to lose time for my Jesus), injuries also contributed to that. Because of this I could just play social soccer (just to keep fit).

I had a broken knee which gave me a lot of problems (in 1992). I recovered from the injury and when I went back into the soccer pitch I got injured on the same knee again. This happened for almost seven times, but still I didn't stop trusting my God.

In 1995 God spoke to me to go to the Lower Shire Valley, and was there for two years but in the different area from where I am at present. After those two years I felt persuaded to go South Africa to try to study and I did the same in the year 2000 when God opened the doors for me to study and minister the gospel in Zimbabwe. When I returned back to Malawi I could still hear God saying to me that I did not finish my job in the Lower Shire Valley. And he gave me burden for that, so that I was just like Jeremiah.. ..............."Your word Lord is just like fire shut up in my bones............." Jeremiah couldn't seat on the word of God. It was just impossible for him to do nothing whilst he had the word of God within himself. It was the same with me.
I ended with a program of going there every month for a week, preaching and encouraging and praying for people with different needs.

God Made A Way Back!!!

I had some questions which I was always asking God, "You want me to go back and stay, serve you in the Lower Shire Valley, how do I do it? Where am I going to stay? When should I go there? As I was asking God all these questions suddenly a friend of mine called me and said to me that somebody (a white lady, Pastor from the USA) wants my help to establish extension bible schools in one of the townships in the city I was by then, before moving to the villages. I received the news with joy because that's my calling to reach out to the lost and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

We established one extension bible school and it was going on well to the extent that it pleased her in the way I was doing things. One day as we were driving home she said that she was happy with everything and that she wanted me to be the Director of their main Bible school in the Lower Shire Valley (Chikwawa). This is an area where we have the poorest of the poor, plenty of witchcraft, magic, polygamy, incest, worshipping of idols, and people are still offering sacrifices to the ancestral spirits to give them rains. I smiled and told her that that was God who spoke to her to send me there, because I have unfinished work there, and I'm ready to go and finish it. I was just waiting upon the Lord for this statement - Praise be to God.

After moving down to the Lower Shire, I started doing outreaches in hospitals, schools, market places, different villages etc. And finally I planted a church in the village.

Can a Pastor Play Soccer?
Whilst ministering in villages I noticed that many people, both old and small love soccer and that always when there was a soccer match large crowds of people could always gather at the soccer pitch to watch. This caused me to have a soccer team for the church which I made it open to everybody including the sinners. Many sinners joined the team and I had the opportunity to introduce Christ to them, many of them received Christ and started coming to church, and they are growing spiritually.

Pastor Ganizani in action (in red jersey and blue short)

Many people do flock to the soccer pitch when we are playing so they can watch me play. To them a Pastor is suppose to look holy outwardly, with a neck-tie and having a bible in his hand. So it amazes them seeing me playing, not just playing but playing with skills and coaching also, not just only coaching but also preaching right there. When they ask me questions I always tell them that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philipians 4:13).

By God's grace I spoke to a brother in the Lord that we can stand together to reach out to the lost by using his PA System at the soccer pitch when we have a match - He is very positive about it and excited.
God gave us these gifts (soccer skills) so that we can use them to win souls to himself, whereby populating heaven and depopulating hell in Jesus' name - Hallelujah!
And this is making the church to grow, young men are coming to Christ BECAUSE OF SOCCER.
Thank you Jesus. SOCCER FOR JESUS!

Lord, keep on giving us the anointing to move forward, and may you supply all things necessary for our soccer team e.g uniforms, boots, balls and our own PA System. We thank you in Jesus' name - Amen.


Hi, my name is Kristin For this video, I'm very ashamed, look here http://cutt.us/j21xxx


As Barabbas walked free because of the chains of Jesus to live a life of sin again I suppose........may you also walk free because of the same chains unto fullness of life in Him, and may you walk sickness, disease, infirmity free because of His stripes and live a life as pleasing unto Him and set

Ganizani joined the prayer Lord,help me! of Hopeful Nadya

Единая Святая Соборная Апостольская Церковь

Our social farmstead in 2015, one year old are waiting for a visit of all who seek salvation for the soul to come out from the world of thieves and robbers http://zivilizaciya3.blogspot.ru/2015/06/2-2015.html?sp


May the good Lord visit you once again at the point of your need in Jesus name!


Dt 1:11 May the LORD, the God of your fathers, increase i you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised! *Merry Xmas to you all*

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The Truth Sets Free............ continuation!

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