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Light for the Children|Namibia

Jesus is the Lord!

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".... perhaps the Lord will work for us, for there is nothing to prevent the Lord from saving by many or by few...... "

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Mar 30, 2012

As Everyone Knows, it Needs a Father to Father a Child

Flloyd McClung's book, "The Fatherheart of God", is no theological treatise, it's sharing a personal relationship Flloyd had come to know and practise. If then God has a Father heart that can be known here on earth, we have to pay attention also to the |Continua
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As Everyone Knows, it Needs a Father to Father a Child

Nov 01, 2010

The Church Needs to be Light

THEY HAD THE LIFE AND THE LIGHTDavid Wilkerson   The church of Jesus Christ lacks spiritual authority in society because it lacks spirituality.   Why are our government leaders and the media so condescending to Christians? Why has the |Continua
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The Church Needs to be Light

Sep 22, 2010

The Pope, the Priests and the Boys

Actually, I don't want to spend many words on the topic. We've read it all - even here in the Kalahari we have internet -  About many people in Belgium getting de-baptized (!), following the revelations about abuse, about reactions to the Pope's |Continua
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The Pope, the Priests and the Boys

Aug 19, 2009

for a time such as this

"Who knows whether it is not for such a time as this that you have come to royal estate?" (Esther 4: 14)  Let us not think lowly of God's esteem for us, His calling for you and me personally. The name of God is nowhere mentioned in the book Esther, |Continua
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for a time such as this

Jun 13, 2009

Abortion in Relation to Child Care

Some years ago, our Namibian Government had a concept law on the table to liberalize abortion (AOD). (Based on so called liberal Western values that had been brought into our new constitution). Churches and organizations banded together and the |Continua
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Abortion in Relation to Child Care

May 19, 2009

The Name above all Names and the Brand Names

As in the whole Christian community, we see also on cross.tv many organizations. Every one of us talks of "our church/organization/ministry. We're all vying for a place under the sun. Today I was reminded that our identity lies not in "our" ministry, church |Continua
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