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Chance givers|China

God grace and mercy

La mia preghiera

God to protect us and open for us a wider door to serve his poor especially in China.

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Am Pastor clapton right now living in china doing missionasry work here. Also working with Friends-Jam which is a friendship network and voluntary organization basically in gospel and contemporary music field.

(A) To support the poor families, children and the less privileged,beggars and prostitutes willing to quit this kind enviroment to do small business in order to have a happy and hopeful life. 

(B) To promote and create a platform for talented musicians, dramatists and fine artists with less financial ability, for a financial gain especially for the Africans and the poor world societies. 

(C) To support the existing community based organizations and Nongovernment organizations in poor areas to achieve their goals through our music programs; like charity concerts, talents shows, exhibitions, community sensitization, sponsorship programs through our global music trips, donated materials, youth and women programs,  and funding.。。。。

D. And music importly gospel music crusades to win souls for christ.

Friends-jam is currently based in uganda and China.




We welcome you to serve God with us by joining our music activities, sponsoring our programs, praying and advising us, joining us in the soul winning crusades especially in Africa and praying and supporting the Chinese missionary work. You can invite friends-jam team to your area. Let's serve God together. God want us to be one and to live as instruments for his own purpose.

feel free to send us a message for any prayer support as well. God bless you and be with you always in Jesus name. Amen!

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