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Я и дом мой будем служить Господу!

Dogma :) 

Dogma of OTS ХВЕ

In a basis of dogma of Incorporated Church of Christians of Belief Evangelical the dogma developed in 1926 on the basis of the Scriptus by Board of Union HVE, the headed Ivan Efimovichem Voronaevym is necessary. In due course at brotherly congresses additions have been made to dogma. The given dogma is accepted and is confirmed by brotherly congress of OTS ХВЕ.

«Investigate the Writing for you think through them to have a life eternal; and they testify to Me» (Иоан.5:39).

About the name

Incorporated Church of Christians of Belief Evangelical (Fil. 1:27, Dejan. 11:26).

About the Scriptus

Initial books of the Bible of Shabby and New Precepts we recognise as inspired from God (2Тим. З:16)
And the unique basis of belief and rescue in the Christ, (Иоан.20:31)
Without adding and without damaging written in the Scriptus (Otk.22:18, 2Кор.2:17)

About God

We trust in the Uniform God who has created the sky and the earth (Is.45:5, the Life. 1:1)
Living in unapproachable light (1Тим.6:16, Is.40:22)
God is Spirit (Иоан.4:24)
True, live and eternal, having immortality (Ier.10:10, 1Тим.6:16)
The wisest (Rim.14:26, Is.28:29)
All-powerful (Быт.17:1,35:11)
Seeing all (Иер.16:17)
Ubiquitous (Пс.138:2-12)
Made (Mat.5:48, Vtor.32:4)
The judge just (Ier.11:20, Otkr.16:5)
God is love (Ref. 34:6, Ioan.3:16)
Uniform, testifying to Itself and about The affairs in three persons:
In the Father, the Son and Spirit Sacred (1Иоан.5:7)

About the Son Divine

Real in the Father from the beginning (Ioann.1:1, 1:18)
The Christ - God uniform with the Father (Иоанн.10:30)
Through It all is created (Кол.1:16)
Was in a flesh (Ioann.1:14, 1Тим.3:16)
Had all completeness of the Deity corporally (Кол.2:9)
Has come to save the world (1Иоан.4:14, Ioan.3:16)
Has been crucified, buried and has revived (Ioan.19:18, Zhor.15:3-4)
Has risen also villages near to the Father, on the right party of God of the Father (Евр.1:3)
The high priest and the Intercessor (Evr.4:14, Shoan.2:1-3)
The judge live and dead (Иоан.5:28-29)

About Spirit Sacred

The spirit Sacred - is the person and God (Ис.48:16)
Uniform with the Father and the Son (1Иоан.5:7, 1Петр.1:11)
Knowledge Creating (the Life. 1:2, Iov.33:4)
Has descended on the earth for creation of Church Christ's (Ioan.14:26, Dejan.2:33)
Proceeds from the Father and the Son (Иоан.14:16)
Represents on the earth completeness of the Deity (Иоан.14:20)

About Angela

Office spirits (Евр.1:7,14)
Are created by the Son Divine (Kol. 1:16)
Should worship to the Son Divine (Евр.1:6)
It should not render worship (Отк.22:8-9)

About a Satan

Will dethrone God from the sky (Лук.10:18)
The liar and the murderer (Иоан.8:44)
The prince of this world (1 Ioan.14:30)
The head of the fallen angels (Отк.12:7)
It is won by the Christ (Кол.2:15)

About a sin

Sin - infringement of precepts Divine (1Иоан. З:4, Rim.7:11)
Has entered into the person through seduction of a Satan (2Кор.11:3)
Punishment for a sin - death (Рим.6:23)
The Christ has destroyed a sin The death (Евр.9:26)

About the person

It is created just like Divine (Быт.1:26-27)
In Adam all have sinned and are deprived glory Divine (by Rim.3:23, 5:12)
The Christ returns to the person the lost glory and a life (1Кор. 15:22)

About good fortune

Has occurred through Jesus Christ (Ioan. 1:16-17)
The charisma (Еф.2:8-9)
Saving for all people (Тит.2:11)
Completeness of good fortune in Jesus Christ victim (Rome. З:24-25)
In the Word Divine (Ps.44:3, Luk.4:22)
In blood of the Christ (Ef. 1:6-8)
In the spirit of Twisted and gifts spiritual (Dejan.2:33, Tit.3:5-7)
In wounds of the Christ (1Петр.2:24)
In revival of the Christ (Рим.4:25)
 In the next centuries plentiful riches Of the good fortune (Еф.2:7)

About belief

The belief is realisation expected and confidence in invisible (Евр.11:1)
We trust in the Father, the Son and Spirit Sacred (the Floor-mat. 28: 19)
Belief from the heard Word Divine (Rome. 10: 17)
The belief in the Son Divine gives a life eternal (Ioan. 3:36)
Through belief we receive a pardon of sins (Dejan. 26:18)
Through belief we receive the justification (Деян.13:39)
Belief we win the world (1Иоан.5:4-5)
By belief it is received Spirit Sacred (Гал.3:14)
Belief we escape and we live (Гал.2:20)
Belief we learn that centuries are arranged by the Word Divine (Евр.11:3)

On what election in rescue is based

It is based on the Divine knowledge on before and vision on before (Rome. 8:29)
On a free will of the person to accept or reject (Rome. 2:4-5)

About a birth from above

 he birth from above is a birth from water and Spirit -
From the Word Divine and Spirit Sacred (Иоан.3:5)
Through belief, a repentance, a water christening for a pardon of sins
And a christening Spirit Sacred (Деян.2:38)
 he water christening is made for the sake of the Father and the Son and Spirit Sacred
Also it is taught reached majority (Мат.28:19)
All believed should accept a christening
Spirit Sacred with signs of other languages (Деян.19:6)
Born from above is the child Divine,
Member of Church Christ's and the successor of an eternal life (1Иоан. З:1-2, Rim.8:17)

About temptation desert

On a way for the Christ members of Church can be tempted by a Satan (Лук.4:1-13)
Members of Church should be careful of artful art of seduction, depths
 evilish and the phenomena of spirits devilish under the pretext of Angela of light not to do
From a stone bread not to jump from a wing of a temple and not to be caught in a net seductions (2Кор.11:14)

About participation in sufferings of the Christ

Each member of Church should take the cross and follow the Christ (the Floor-mat. 10:38)
Should be true to death to receive a life wreath (Отк.2:10)

About Church

The church is meeting of children Divine (Dejan.2:41-42, Gal.4:6)
The church is the Bride and the Body of the Christ (Otk.21:9, Ef.5:25-30)
The church is the house Divine (1Тим. З:15)
The church is New Jerusalem (Evr.12:22, Otk.21:2,9-10)

About pastors of Church Christ's

The senior priest - the pastor and the teacher of local Church (Tit.1:5, Dejan.20:17-28)
 The assistant to the senior priest with the religious rite right (Dejan.6:1-3, Fil.1:1)
Get out of members of Church, according to the Word Divine (1Тим.3:8-13, Dejan.6:1-3)
They are put on service by the bishop at revelation of Spirit Sacred (Dejan.20:28, 14:23)

About responsibility of pastors of Church

 ear responsibility before God for the device
Churches under the doctrine of the Christ (1Пет.5:1-3, 1Тим. З:15)
For pure and sacred circulation of the people before the Lord (Еф.4:11-12,2Тим.4:2)
For a preservation of peace and unities in Church (Рим.15:5)
For a protection of Church from heresy of doctrines and seductions (Отк.2:1,6)

About bishops

Bishops bear responsibility for the device of churches, formation
Priesthoods as apostles in due time and as Timothy and Tit at apostle Pavel (2Кор11:28)
 ishops are selected from circle of the experienced senior priests at revelation
Spirit Sacred, it agree Words Divine, with putting on of hands them bishops (Тим.3:1-7,4:14)
 ishops accept charges on the senior priests and assistants to senior priests,
Deal with a question on priesthood removal (1Тим.5:19)
 e recognise that religious rite of pastors without putting on of hands
Can be admitted, as an exception, on the instructions of attendants - chiefs.
 utting on of hands in priesthood in other faiths for OTS ХВЕ
It is considered void (Еф.4:11-12)

About bearing a good message

Good fortunes on calling of Spirit Sacred (Деян.13:2-4) indulge

About the relation of Church to pastors

To respect and esteem (1Фес.5:12-13)
To be obedient (Evr.13:17, Shetr.5:5)

About putting on of hands

 utting on of hands is made at dedication on service of attendants, at wedding,
 o prayer about newborns and in the presence of help gift on patients and
Praying for a christening Spirit Sacred (Mar.10:16, Dejan.8:17)

About brotherly council

 or the best management and the device the church should have brotherly council,
 onsisting of clerics.
 n their representation into council can enter executed wisdom and knowledge
Members of church. All affairs of church dare on brotherly council and, out of need, churches are represented. Council is headed by the pastor of church (Avenue 11:14)

About prayful group

 or the best spiritual device of church the prayful group is created.
Into it enter: jealous to the prayers, having belief,
Executed force and gifts of the Holy Spirit going to fear Divine (Iud.1:20, 1Кор.14:26)

Life and spiritual perfection of Church

Children of one Father and members of one Body (1Иоан. З:1, 1Кор. 12:12)
Life basis in the Christ - love (1Кор. 13:1-8)
Circulation before God should be sacred and pure (Ef.5:26-27, Otk.21:27)
To have and store the world Divine (Евр.12:14)
To participate in creation of Church Christ's and Kingdoms Divine (1Пет.4:10, Mat.5:13,14)
Not to leave the meeting (Евр.10:25)

Methods of education of members of Church

Teaching of the doctrine of the Christ (1Тим.4:11)
Admonition (1Тим.1:5)
The prevention (2Кор.13:2, Rim.12:10)
Accusation (2Тим.4:2)
Prohibition (2Тим.4:2)
The remark (2Фес. З:14)
Excommunication (1Кор.5:13)

About evening of Lord Jesus Christ

It is made on Jesus Christ precept (Лук.22:19)
 embers of Church Christ's participate at consecration,
Confession and prayer with a post (1Кор.11:23-29)
It is made at any time, established by church (1Кор. 11:26)
Bread fresh, wine grape

About ablution of feet

The precept of love given by the Christ of Church (Иоан.13:14)
It is made before a participle (Иоан.13:1-17)

About confession

Confession is necessary at a repentance believed (Деян.19:18-19)
Is necessary at consecration of the sinned members of Church (1Иоан.1:9, Neem.9:1-3)

Divine service in Church

 y an example of the first Christians of meeting pass in studying
Words Divine, in prayers, bread refraction, glorification (Деян.2:42)
Misters and action of gifts of Spirit Sacred (1Кор. 14:26, Kol.3:16)
We recognise as pleasant to God glorification on musical instruments (Ps.150, Otk.5:8)

About a prayer

Prayer the believed communicate good luck about all needs and desires (Фил.4:6)
It is necessary to pray to God to the Father for the sake of the Christ (Еф.5:20)
We recognise the general and single prayer (Dejan.4; 24, 1Кор.14:27)
Should pray mind and spirit at execution by Spirit Sacred (1Кор.14:15)
The spirit petitions in a prayer for needs praying on will Divine (Rome. 8:26)
Prayers are made about a knee - by a worship and standing on the feet (Onions.22:4 1, Ioan.11:41)
It is necessary to pray a prayer «the Father our, existing on heavens» (Мат.6:9-13)

How to question the Lord?

 embers of church can question the Lord only through
 lerics. The Lord answers needs and
 ses the force gifts of Spirit Sacred only at
Sanctity, belief and execution by Spirit Sacred (Chisl.27:21 Ezdr.2:63)

About a post

 he post is an expression of humility of the person before God and accompanies
Prayer, prayer, the application and thank goodness (Is.58, 1Кор.7:5 Dejan.14:23,13:2)
The post is made out of need all Church or a member of Church (Luk.4:1-2, Ezdr.8:23)

About alms

It is necessary to create alms (Onions. 11:41, onions, 12:33)
To give alms from this that you have. It should be made secretly (Мат.6:4)
It should be made in a name of Lord Jesus Christ (the Floor-mat. 25:40)
To be good to everything, and furthermore to the on belief (Гал.6:10)

About material service

It is based on voluntary desire of a donation on a heart arrangement (1Кор.16:1-2)

About gifts of Spirit Sacred

The church should be jealous about gifts of Spirit Sacred (1Кор.14:1,12:31)
Gifts are given at will Divine (1Кор.12:11)
The best way is a combination, gifts of Spirit Sacred and love (1Кор.13)

About service of sisters in Church

 ister the assistant of the senior attendant in church is selected by the Word Divine without putting on of hands.
Bears service in which there is a necessity of its participation (1Тим.5:9-10)
 isters can participate in Church service under the commission
 astors, that is allowed to them the doctrine of the Christ,
But to participate in sacred actions and cannot learn (Rome. 16:1, 1Кор. 14:34)

About marriage

Marriage is established by God between one husband and one wife (Byt.2:18, Ef.5:31)
 t is taught in Church with obligatory before the civil certificate of registration of marriage.
Marriage should be fair and the bed is pure (Евр.13:4)
It is based on a free choice in the love, excluding not lawful sexual communications not married (Числ.36:6)
The birth of children is Divine blessing (the Life. 1:28)
Marriage in Church Christ's is supposed only between members of Church (2Кор.6:14, Ref. 34:1)
Marriage should not be terminated (1Кор.7:10)

About chastity

The chastity is a law of sanctity for all members of Church Christ's, protecting from fornication, not lawful sexual communications not married, as before marriage, and married, and also widows and aged men (Tit.3:4, Ef.5:21)

About a family

Obedience to precepts of the Christ should be a basis of a life of a family,
Mutual love and obedience (1Тим. З:4, Ef.5:21)
To the husband - the head the Christ. Obeying Its doctrine, it should with love
To operate a family, creating the world and sanctity, bringing a fruit in any good business (1Тим. З:4)
The husband - the head of the wife and a family (1Кор.11:3)
Wives should obey the husbands (1Пет. З:1-5)
Children should be obedient to parents (Еф.6:1)
Parents should bring up children in the doctrine of the Christ (Еф.6:4)

About blessing of children in Church

Blessing of newborns is made on recover time
 others with bringing of the newborn before the Lord on hands
The cleric or with putting on of hands (Onions. 2:28 a floor-mat. 19:13-15)

How to smear with oil a forehead of patients, it is made by the senior attendants of churches

 e recognise that is necessary to be guided thus by words of apostle Iakova.
 t is made at a prayer of belief with confession of made sins,
The forehead of the patient (Иак.5:14-16) is smeared

 bout the existing government

On the basis of the Word Divine the existing authorities are established from God,
 nd consequently we understand that should give to the State - execution of laws of this State, and that belongs to God - to give to God (Мат.22:21)

About work

 e recognise work by the basic necessity of existence on the earth.
All capable to work are obliged to work (Byt.3:19, 2Фес. З:8-10)

 bout food

The doctrine of the Christ does not divide food on pure and dirty (Мат.15:11)
Conscience of the person it allowed to define that it is possible to eat (Рим.14:14)
Any food is consecrated with the Word Divine and a prayer (1Тим.4:4,5)
It is impossible to eat on temptation ailing (Рим.14:20-21)
It is forbidden to eat blood that the gift of meal for idols (Деян.15:29) has been strangled also

About days celebratory

The doctrine of the Christ learns to distinguish days under the mind certificate (Rome. 14:5)
 hristians of belief evangelical distinguish the days connected with events of a life of Jesus Christ, in which on divine services
 hese events are recollected:
Lady day (Onions. 1:26-28)
Birth of Lord Jesus Christ (Onions. 2:6-7)
Trimming of the Christ. New year (Лук.2:21)
Meeting of Simeona with baby Jesus (Лук.2:22-34)
Jesus Christ christening (Мат.3:13-16)
Transformation (the Floor-mat. 17:1-7)
Death and Revival (Мат.26-28)
Rise (Деян.1:9)
Procession from the sky of the Holy Spirit. A Trinity, (Деян.2)
Sunday (Otk, 1:10, Dejan.20:7)
 t will of Church the harvest holiday is made -
Thank goodness for earth fruits, during time convenient for making (Кол.3:17)

About a greeting

Jesus Christ doctrine learns to be affable to all (2Тим.2:24, the Floor-mat. 10:12)
To welcome a sacred kissing of members of Church Christ's (1Петр.5:14)
The word Divine learns not to welcome being on the remark (2Фес. З:14)
Not to welcome heretics (2Иоан. 1:10-11)

About the law, which God has given through Moiseja

The law end - the Christ (Рим.10:4)
The doctrine of the Christ has abolished the law of precepts (Еф.2:15)

About the second coming of the Christ

The Christ will come behind Church, live will change, dead will revive (1Фес.4:16-17, Dejan.1:11)

About coming of the Christ with Church

 or restoration of a thousand-year Kingdom on the earth, the Christ is
With Church probably for all people (Зах.14:5)

About a thousand-year Kingdom

The Earth cleared by courts Divine will enter into a 1000-year-old Kingdom (Отк.20:1-7)
All people will serve the Lord (Мих.4:1)

Last court Divine

 fter a 1000-year-old Kingdom the Church with the Christ will judge
Live and dead on their affairs (to Otk.20:11-15, 1Кор.6:2-3)

The new earth and the New sky

 he church Christ's is new Jerusalem, Zion, tsars and priests.
 n the New earth the Rescued people - girlfriends of Church - will go
In light of Jerusalem (Otk.21:1-6, Otk.21:24)

Death the second - lake fiery

 atan, its angels and the people condemned on last Divine court,
Will be betrayed - the second death - to lake fiery (Отк.20:14-15)

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