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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |Continua

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MichaelSullivan (1211 giorni fa ) (0)

Anyone up with a window treatment project. Confused on what has to be done. I was until I came up with the blog entry - 6 Considerations to Make when Buying Curtains. Because, you might already know this, a window treatment can make a room or break it. Here are some of the considerations recommended by the curtain and drapes providers.

Colour and Texture: Choose a colour that speaks of your creativity and personality. Selection of a good fabric for the room is the next step. Linen or cotton blends work well in bright sunny areas and silk or any other dark fabric is most suited for areas that are out of direct sunlight.

Lined or unlined and short or long: Hanging curtains higher than the actual height of window will make the ceilings seem higher. On deciding the width, take in mind that the finished width of material equals approximately 21” which will frame our window.

Custom made draperies: Custom made curtains provide a better quality finish with fully lined and professionally sewn material of our choice. Wash or dry-clean: All the fabrics or any styles of custom draperies are recommended for dry-cleaning alone.

Rod Style: The rod’s should be reflective of our curtain style. Curtains hanging on off chic rods, can make a room miserable.

Other coverings: Usage of shades or blinds does not require additional coverings to close over the space. Allowing the light to shine in and soften the look of blinds or shutters is what is needed.


crdobre (77 giorni fa ) (0)


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Who is your favorite singer? Do you know her/his birthday? It's easier with celebrity birthdays