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Carol howard

Carol dale|Canada

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Carol dale

Carol dale (1076 giorni fa ) (0)

Hey, hope you all doing great. We have a huge property in Toronto and we are living there since 1980's. At the backyard, we have an area covered with large trees and bushes. It gives a refreshing feel to our house. 

Last day only I noticed a wasp hive in the backyard tree when my son reached out to it with a stone. To be fortunate, the wasps didn't attack him and I guess may be the wasps were not active. I told my hubby about this and he tried effective repellents to get rid of them but everything went vain. I have heard that fire is a good solution for the removal of wasps. But the trees are quite high and also fire can be dangerous too. So, we are thinking to get the help from some power pest control services to drive them away. 

What are your thoughts on this? Please share your experience here if anyone has confronted such a situation before. Thanks in advance for any help.


Tommy456 (356 giorni fa ) (0)

What organizations give reasonable emergency plumbing  in Hamilton? I realize that there a ton of organizations like PlumbWIze (https://www.plumbwize.ca/plumber-hamilton/) that emergency plumbing works. In any case, a large portion of them charges heavily for their crisis administration. Does anybody know a good plumbing work group?


Tommy456 (356 giorni fa ) (0)