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The Power Of A God Encounter - Part 5

2,600 Visualizzazioni

Have you ever had a God encounter? It could happen in the form of a miracle, a revelation or even a split-second moment in time. ...

Surrender all to Me – April 03, 2013

143 Visualizzazioni

Surrender all to Me – April 03, 2013 My children, you are in the last days, you must be willing to surrender all to Me and My everlasting Kingdom now. Do not hold anything back,

The Abundance of Grace Part 8

3,282 Visualizzazioni

Today, you have ONE GRACE AFTER ANOTHER! There will always be MORE than you will ever need. You have BLESSING UPON BLESSING and even FAVOR UPON FAVOR and GIFT HEAPED UPON GIFT! My friend,

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Nov 17, 2014

New Leadership for CROSS.TV

New Leadership for CROSS.TV

Hello dear friends of CROSS.TV and beyond!  After much consideration and prayer, we have decided to | Continua

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