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Apostolic Decrees & Prophetic Proclamations

Apostolic Decrees & Prophetic Proclamations

KentSimpsonIf you are prophetic or called to be a prophet, then you are God’s mouthpiece. With that calling comes greater responsibility and accountability. Let us help train and mentor you so that you can know His voice and speak His words to the best of your ability. You can also join us live online and receive a prophetic word. For more information and for current days and times, visit

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Heirs of His Prophetic Quest

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My Remnant, Defend the Border

358 Visualizzazioni

Remnant of God Mandate Freedom!

367 Visualizzazioni

Enemy's Plans Swallowed Up

617 Visualizzazioni

Don't Let Their Silence Fool You!

316 Visualizzazioni

Reprobate Minds Working in Darkness

477 Visualizzazioni

03/21/18-God's Wrath Unleashed

206 Visualizzazioni

03/14/18-Angel of Prosperity

91 Visualizzazioni

03/07/18-God's People Shall Prosper

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02/28/18-Isaiah 22:22 Anointing

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02/14/18-The Turnaround

28 Visualizzazioni

02/07/18-The Hand of God

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01/31/17-Heritage of the Saints

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01/24/18-The Light of Truth

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01-10-18-Apostolic Credence

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11/27/17-Let's Talk About Prayer!

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11/13/17-Let's Talk About It! Pilot

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Impartation, Prophecy, and Angels

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Stirring the Gifts

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1 - 21 di 21 Video