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The Jesus ChannelSavior Channel presents videos, documentaries and newsworthy content on bible prophecies and world events today that have many questioning if this is what Jesus referred to as "the end of days", and how to be prepared body and soul for the coming of the Lord.

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On the Edge of the Second Coming

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1 Lucifer the Basis of Satanic Deception

1,744 Visualizzazioni

Angels Around Us by Pastor Charles Lawson

4,707 Visualizzazioni

Joseph and His Bretheren

466,077 Visualizzazioni

Samson and Gideon

513,231 Visualizzazioni

David and Goliath

42,358 Visualizzazioni

The Great Commandment

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Samson and Gideon

1,160 Visualizzazioni

O Holy Night, The Living Christ

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The Old Testament

28,096 Visualizzazioni

The World to Come

500 Visualizzazioni

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