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We are Divinely mandated to carry the gospel to every community in the world by every possible means and at all cost. To preach and teach Heaven consciousness among Christian believers for the earnest readiness of the suden coming of our Lord Jesus!

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Jul 12, 2011

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INTRODUCTION: If we are like clay in God's hands (the potter), then God who is sovereign has the right to mould us in the way He likes at any time, place and any how. This act of moulding is subject to changes in divine decision of shape, direction, volume and contents. God in His sovereignty, can decide to change His original intentions and plans of how and what shape, direction and volume He intended to mould us, depending on our responses to His individual instructions or and mainly on His sovereign righteous purpose. Just like any business man who can venture into any business of his interest with the ultimate goal of maximizing profit, God's actions to and in our lives as His regenerated children in Christ must be towards fulfilment of His divine purpose in our individual lives, which is basically to the glorification of His name and His kingdom.


DIVINE PREPARATION TIME: The time of preparations and the time of fulfilment are never the same. The time of preparations is the time of receiving, acquiring, acquainting, enduring, tolerating, persevering, searching and researching. It is a time of flexibility to knowledge, personality, temperament, relationships, individual views, ideology/philosophy and beliefs. Preparation time is also time of developing abilities of observations, decisions, discernment, restrictions, choices, strategies/plans, costing and clarification of purpose. It is a time of absorptions of unforeseen events, trials, risk ventures, loses, inaccuracy/imperfection, critics, fluctuations, trial and errors. Most importantly, the time of preparation is the time of sowing of seeds just like that of farmers. What we sow at the time of preparation will inevitably determine what we will reap during the time of harvesting, the fulfilment period.


DIVINE FULFILMENT TIME: The time of fulfilment is the ultimate time of manifestations. The manifestations are fundamentally determined by our preparations. If our preparations were solid, then we will likely manifest powerfully. If our preparations were like the preparations of gold, silver, copper, and iron, then our glory will manifest and shine like gold, silver, copper and iron in accordance to the intensity of our preparations. Fulfilment time is the time of performance, a time of carrying out the task as being Divinely assigned. However, preparation is carried out in the hidden – privacy of life; while performance is carried out before the public places – vocation of life. Hence the level of our preparations will determine the level of our performance at the outside. In order words, fulfilment time is the time of harvesting. What we harvest is largely determined by what we planted in the sowing time (preparation time); those who diligently sowed in pains normally reap in joy. In the same way, those who have carefully and diligently prepared for the purpose of their life, normally have to perform and manifest gloriously.


DIVINE TIMING OF PREPARATION AND FULFILMENT: The timing of preparation and fulfilment is ultimately determined by God. This also depends on various aspects including individual relationship with God, purpose of their life and their responses to God's commands, degrees, regulations and individual divine instruction. Although God's thoughts and ways are far above our own thoughts and ways; yet by God's Spirit dwelling in us (which also searches the mind of God), we can by God's wisdom understand the divine timing of our lives. The basic factors in determining God's timing are: events, provisions, commitments, relationships, manifestation of divine power/anointing via power gift of the Holy Spirit, Manifestation of divine office, promotion, performance and fruitfulness. We need to be spiritually alert, sensitive and flexible to these factors of divine timing in order to fit and occupy in every stage of this timing. Understanding these factors will enable us to put on the right attitudes towards and in every stage of our divine timing. This understanding will also help us to eliminate unnecessary tensions of worry, anxiety, inferiority, haste, jealousy, depression etc.


CONCLUSION: God is the inventor of organisation, and He organises every thing He has, including our lives that belongs to Him for the purpose of maximizing His fulfilment. God has been enduring the preparations of man-kind to be giving Him eternal glory. These preparations have began right from the fall of first man (Adam) to the restoration of man through Christ; and up to our present generation, in the lives of those who genuinely believe, receive, maintain and retain Jesus Christ in their lives through the Holy Spirit. As many that obediently yield to these divine preparations, will not only shine-forth God's glory here on earth, but they will also continue to shine eternally in the presence of God, giving Him glory from ages to ages. This is the ultimate purpose of God's timing in our lives both in His timing of preparation and fulfilment of our lives purpose. Therefore as true Christians, wisdom demands that we should always consider every situation of our lives at a time and ponder at the factors of the circumstances surrounding our situations. This will help and enable us to determine and understand the how, why, when, where and what God is doing in our life at present. Remember, if you are a true child of God, then God is certainly your father who is committed to you and has very good plans for your life [Jeremiah 29:11]. Therefore, total trust, belief and commitment in God will maximize our divine preparations and fulfilment. Always remember that God is never too late to fulfil that which He has promised and purposed for your life [Number 23:19]! May we never disappoint God in our Divine preparations and fulfilment – DIVINE TIMING, in Jesus name, Amen!


BIBLE TEXT: Isaiah 45:9-13; 64:8; 29:16; Romans 9:16-23; 8:28; Proverbs 19:21

Deuteronomy 8; Revelation 2:9-11; 3:11-12.