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We are Divinely mandated to carry the gospel to every community in the world by every possible means and at all cost. To preach and teach Heaven consciousness among Christian believers for the earnest readiness of the suden coming of our Lord Jesus!

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May 16, 2011

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At this end time the most vulnerable Christians are those Christians who are lazy, careless, negligent, unfearful and unfaithful to God’s words. They are Christians who don’t diligently study, meditate and consciously obeying God’s words. Hence they never put their trust in God. They trust words of their church leaders (fellow human) than words of Jesus and His words written in the Scripture. They are Christians who are more conscious of the things of this world than things of heavenly kingdom. They are Christians who despise the gift of the Holy Spirit and His important in the life of individual believers and the church at large. They are Christians who don’t evaluate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in them – thus being led by the Spirit of God and walking in the Spirit than in the carnality that pleases men of this world. They are Christians who profess Christianity just for worldly purpose of what they will get from Christ. They are Christians who are too selfish with God’s blessings into their hands/life. They are Christians who despise their fellow poor Christians. They are Christians who never pray at all times; never fast, never praises God even at their difficulty moments. They are Christians who are easily carried away by the activities of this world – especially the enticing pleasures of this world at this end time. They are Christians who are easily deceived by the heresies and fables of the false prophets of this end time. They are Christians who eagerly seeking for who will preach/teach them what their itching ears want to hear not what the Spirit of God is saying to His people/church. They are Christians like the foolish vigins who suden coming of our Lord Jesus will be taken by suprise - unprepared to meet Him at His rapture of His faithful.Are you a vulnerable Christian in this end time? Beware and be wise!

Math 24:24; 26:41; 1Tim 4:15-16; 2Tim 4:3; Gal 5:19-25