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Hvac: Heating, Ventilation And Air Coning System

Dec 07, 2019

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The heating and cooling system of a home is an integral part no matter what is the climatic behavior in your residential area. Ventilation becomes our priority in keeping a healthy environment in our home. HVAC is an essential utility tool for every home. The term HVAC or Heating And Air Conditioning Repair stands for humidity, ventilation, and air conditioning. Taking care of these three aspects increases the comfort level of an indoor environment let it be a house or a workplace. There are many types of equipment available in the market that takes care of the above elements. Depending on the requirement i.e.; a particular system installed for a particular area it should be installed. It entirely depends on the climatic behavior of a region.


There are three fundamental factors that take control over climate and they are hotness, coldness, and humidity. Depending on the length of the hot or cold period, a suitable air conditioning should be installed. The humidity and Brine Chiller of a region also plays a big role in determining equipment. Coastal areas are more prone to high humidity, and it becomes very tough to stay in such areas under such high humidity.





Cooling system


Cooling of an indoor area is often termed as air conditioning, and it is done by removing heat and maintaining the humidity of the area. AC system installed in our home brings the average temperate which we feel comfortable. Most common a/c system installed in our home are forced air system; a ductless system and Air Conditioner Maintenance system.


Heating system


Heating involves providing heat to the indoors. Though winter is a cozy season, we need to heat up the indoor area of a home to stay comfortable. There are many heating system that can be installed in our homes and they are heat pumps, electric heater, radiant heater, hydronic system, forced air system and geothermal method.


Ventilation system


Main purpose of ventilation of an enclosed space is to maintain the humidity level of the region. Ventilation can be best controlled by using proper heating and cooling systems. A kitchen is a place which gets heated when cooking and it creates an uncomfortable environment. Although ventilation is required for all parts of the home, kitchen comes first in the list. A bathroom comes next in the list as it is prone to humidity and to remove the moisture formed inside a ventilation system should be provided. Due to increases in population our residential areas have become very compact and small. Due to this compactness, air circulation and the exchange rate have lowered and made the indoor air unhealthy and harmful. A solution is to resolve this problem by using a heat recovery ventilator. It works on the principle of the heat exchanger. Metals plates are provided in which outdoor and indoor air is made to flow in different layers which result in cooling the indoor air.