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"It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it" (Proverbs 10:22)

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Dear Father God, Thou, oh Father God, art the Author, Creator, Power-House and Source of everything in us & about us. Thou, oh God, own everything! By Your endless Mercies & |Continua

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Giving One's "Best Shot"!

Nov 19, 2009

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In his book, "Today can be the Best Day of your life", Dr. Harold J. Sala, President of Guidelines International Ministries, delivers a reality-inspired exhortation appropriate to stir a person who thinks of himself as less significant compared to those posted at the "centre of attraction", or the prominent, or the most valuable, or any "most of them all" in any given category.


Capturing a scene in the life of the celebrated British Musician-conductor, Sir Michael Costa (1808-1884), Dr. Harold recalled an incident during one of those rehearsals Sir Michael conducted with his choir and orchestra. In the beginning of the rehearsal, everything was going well until somewhere in the middle of the activity when the conductor suddenly called a halt with a shout, "Stop!" and exclaimed, "Where is the piccolo?"


The individual playing the piccolo thought that amid all the noise of clanging cymbals, full-blown trumpets, thundering drums, booming bass, etc. his lowly piccolo didn't amount to much! So, while he keeps his instruments at his lips, he stopped playing. That was when the conductor felt something is missing.


Capsulizing what Dr. Harold observed, "The person who thinks, 'I don't matter, nobody notices, nobody cares, nobody even gives recognition...”, is like the piccolo player in Sir Michael's orchestra.


In light of the above insight, you and I may not be the greatest nor the near great in the now and here settings or scheme of things, but everyone from the ground level, to average, and all the way up to top echelon in the social strata shall ultimately be measured according to how well or otherwise each has played and contributed his respective share or part in the "game, or orchestra, or enterprise, or ministry, or whatever worthwhile endeavour in life".


At the end of a person’s life course, the measurement of his lifetime conduct is reckoned based on the "HAVING DONE something worthwhile, be it good enough or well done", not on "NOTHING doing at all…".   Spoken words can make things clearer, but PRODUCTIVE & FRUITFUL ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER!


Well then, come on in my dear friends!   Let’s make the most with the Gift & Power of Faith, certainty of Hope, and greatness of Love


By Grace, we can surely give our "BEST SHOT"!!!