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Jimmy  Ladera


"It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it" (Proverbs 10:22)

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Dear Father God, Thou, oh Father God, art the Author, Creator, Power-House and Source of everything in us & about us. Thou, oh God, own everything! By Your endless Mercies & |Continua

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Foretaste of "Thy Kingdom Come...!"

Nov 01, 2009

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Unexpectedly and surprisingly, my brother-in-law, Rogel, came forward and confessed uttering, "You know, bro. Jim, now I know and believe what you started doing some 2 decades ago is for real".


Some few hours following the interment of the remains of my mother-in-law on 21st of June 2007, Val (Rogel's moniker) and myself found time to have a one-on-one talk at the veranda of our old folk's ancestral house in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines.  Understandably, the manifest melancholy discernible on Val's countenance due to the pain of losing a beloved mother brings tears and sorrow as we engaged talking from our hearts.  Rare moments like this come once in a while with purposes relative always to our need of reflecting and refreshing in our inner being concerning the mysteries of life & death that are not often allowed space in our day-by-day practical concerns and worries at times.


For a while, I never thought that such rare occasion would turn out to be really that opportune.  For one thing, it reminded us as we talked that life, after all, in this temporal realm is so short that we can't afford to just squander and waste away.


Fortunately for me, thank good grace, Val's confession reaffirmed my earlier conviction that, indeed, what I started doing more than 2 decades ago - Sowing Spiritual Seeds of Gospel Truth - made great difference in mine and in my brother-in-law’s life as well as in the lives of others who have made a come-back and made good terms with me and my family.


Before we wound up, my curious mind finally got settled as Val vividly recalled those illustrations and writings I posted on the walls in the living room of our apartment in Quezon City, Metro-Manila (1983-1985).  One particular poster Val cited reads, "Foretaste of 'Thy Kingdom Come'..."

The other touching matter that blest me even more is Val’s testimony that Heaven's Kingdom, indeed, has come now in the midst of former unbelievers and persecutors who are now reconciled for the sake of and in the name of Love, Joy, Peace & Righteousness in the Spirit of Truth through faith in Christ Jesus.


Friends, it feels so great realizing that our prayers & efforts in good faith, no matter how little, made real difference somehow in touching & transforming the life of anybody we never knew who.


In yours and mine's life, may The Good Lord be glorified!


Good cheers!