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"It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it" (Proverbs 10:22)

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Dear Father God, Thou, oh Father God, art the Author, Creator, Power-House and Source of everything in us & about us. Thou, oh God, own everything! By Your endless Mercies & |Continua

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Exceptional Breed of Performers!

Oct 18, 2009

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     I came across a traveler’s sketchy report about an inscription he found engraved on a tablet of stone displayed conspicuously along his way to a port of entry. 

    The report highlighted the inscription's content which descriptively refers to the so-called four (4) Main Pillars of the world:

     1. The BRAVERY of the Valiant
     2. The WISDOM of the Learned
     3. The JUSTICE of the Great
     4. The PRAYER of the Righteous & the Good

     With due respect, I give Justice to whom credit is due, even as I express my gratitude for the strides, struggles, and monument of achievements of our principled forebears who’ve gone ahead. 

     For the need of our contemporary times, however, the exceptional breed of Role Players and Performers now in our midst need earnest prayers, encouragement, and support in order for them to press on toward the realization & fulfillment of the Great Commission.  For they serve as the Latter Glory's Heroes so long as they remain faithful to carry on the task already began about two millennia ago in the city designated as holy – City of David (Jerusalem) - from the ancient of days. 

     Daniel, The Prophet (Daniel 12:3) foretold of the phenomenal appearance to prominence in latter times of this new breed of Performers described here below in paraphrase:

     A) Those having INSIGHT, that is, referring to those gifted with Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom are to shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven;

      B) Those “Servant-Leaders”, who lead the many to righteousness are as the stars forever and forever. 

     To the people called-out, chosen, and appointed by the Great Master and Lord of all creation, KEEP BEARING GOOD FRUITS IN KEEPING WITH REPENTANCE and FAITH in Christ Jesus. 

     Servant-leaders, RISE UP!…SHINE!...and SERVE for the cause of proclaiming, witnessing, building, and establishing the glorious reign of Righteousness, Justice, and Peace on earth forever and ever!   So, be it!

© 2009 by Jimmy S Ladera